Strange energy

I have this weird energy blocking my legs that I don’t know what it is anymore, no removal method works, chakra cleansing, grounding, etheric cord cuts, implant, rock salt bath, I’ve tried all kinds of approaches and this energy I persisted in staying, and it got worse and worse, it started in my calf and now it’s. It is extremely uncomfortable and exhausting, every time my energy circulates because of some field or anything I feel these blocks, if I need to meditate lying down it gets even worse, this intensifies and it is impossible not to be bothered, causing pain physical in my legs, even at random times of the day I feel it especially when I have some strong feeling, I don’t even know how to classify it anymore, I don’t know what energy this is, can the energy balancer mandala solve this? It’s been years in this same situation.


I have had acheiness in my calves lately. I don’t know the exact cause but i think it may be due to releasing energy. I have it in both legs every day at random times. I have tried asking my optimizer to release the pain, tension and energy in legs and it did feel like it released when i did that.

Emotional release by sapien and grounding fields would be my suggestions.

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Have you tried the new Divinity Activation field?


Why not just meet a doctor. Maybe it just a medical problem and you need medical help.



That’s all to say thumbs up to @NotFrank 's idea.

But also, this is not medical advice. Consult your doctor.

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I’ve been to doctors, there are no problems with my legs.

Do you usually take coffee? Have you tried magnesium?

If it not a physical problem, then you should go for some pro psychic rather than listen to some random people online. People may give you advice but no one can know what the problem really is.

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My friend please don’t get me wrong and don’t get angry with me. I’ve been seeing your threads for a long time and i think all your problems are caused by psychological problems. 1 year ago i was in a very similar situation with you, I was constantly thinking that I had a problem somewhere and i was hurting somewhere, I had a lot of strangeness in my body, but then i realized that the problem was due to my mental disorder. I’m writing this post because I want to help you because i was in a very similar situation to you, you should go to psychiatrist if you can. Personally, although most fields and subliminals worked very quickly and effectively for me, but they could not cure my psychiatric problems (anxiety) in the short term, so i started antidepressant treatment and i have been very stable for the last 4 months. I thought i had a heart disease i thought i was going to die at any moment i was going through some weirdness in my body and it all went away i realized that the source of all my problems was my anxiety. My advice to you is please go to psychiatrist. You don’t have to take medication, but my view is that your problems are caused by psychological problems. I hope everything goes well for you. :heart:

but if you don’t want to go to psychiatry, i recommend you to add these fields to your playlist. I’m sure it will help.

but if you can afford it, this field can heal all the chemical imbalances in your brain and when the chemical imbalances in your brain are completely balanced, all your symptoms will disappear.

I also recommend you to do this test and see the results Anxiety test | Depression and Anxiety


Try Grabovoi codes

if you feel energy blockages, you can ask energy servants to solve the problem. for example you can ask for the energetic friend created by maitreya. or else to the energy servant of sapien. Good luck and good recovery.

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Did you just assume I’m not a pro psychic?



I’d trust people on these forums and myself over a so called “pro psychic.” Most of those people are grifters.

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Exactly. This and Sapien’s forum are psychic forums after all. Lots of us have development.

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Have you tried Blueprint of Life by Sapien Med yet? Also, Restoration From The Long Haul may help. Enhanced Blood Circulation comes to mind too.

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I though wanted a different approach when saying tried everything of fields, so as atreides pointed stress is a big issue with most things so, thats why i said about coffee, taking usually coffee or other stimulants like nicotine can crash the adrenals which are a big help against stress. The magnesium helps apart of many things, with relaxing muscles and improve blood circulation in body, here legs, is great for restless leg syndrome, but i would not go with any type of magnesium if you choose to use, but magnesium malate which also helps with energy ATP in cells if you feel your legs usually tired.

For energetic approach yeah i think to follow eli and the others advices is great, they know a lot.

And for florentino i think, yeah, if someone asking a question here mostly is because already has check with doctors as he already said, the problem with stress related conditions is many doctors dont have a clue to find the problem, and i dont think people here will give advice without knowing what they say and here people just try to help with their knowledge, stop taking coffee is not dangerous if you think, nor magnesium malate. Maybe you prefer go with chemicals or doctors who try to give you a new pill every month to see if works? I studied medicine and saw many shit so i quit, then i preferred learn natural approach which was better, but also can find some shit too… and later found this great amazing fields which i prefer to keep learning from.

Following the stress thing… and seeing your posts about your sister maybe would be good if possible have a couple of months of holidays from that huge stressful thing, that is what can help you the most if is that stressful, long time of stressful periods leads usually to chronic diseases.

Nah bro i respect and appreciate you and other people in the forum, i learn a lot and you already help me.
I mean if he have a problem without knowing the cause, then he might seek for professional help.
If he already know the cause then he could seek advice from online source.


I drink little coffee, my stress problem is not that, it’s toxic people, and I’m trying to get away from them, but they’re parasites.

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I was just teasing…no worries.