Strange and persistent problem with mucus

It’s been so long that I don’t really remember when this started, but I believe it was last year, but it’s downright annoying, I just can’t explain how it happens or why. But I have frequent problems with expelling mucus through my nose, just when I drink water mainly, as soon as I finish drinking water the mucus builds up in my nose and I need to expel it, sometimes it just comes out involuntarily without my having done it. nothing, and this is very irritating, my luck is that he left the house very little and I socialize very little. Otherwise this situation would be problematic, when I’m on the street I wear a mask, so if the mucus is expelled involuntarily no one will see it. I don’t drink milk, I eat dairy products sometimes, but it’s not regular, I’ve spent a lot of time without consuming anything related to milk or dairy products, and it still doesn’t improve, I use Maitreya’s sinusitis audio, which leads me to believe that this is probably not sinusitis. I’ve tried all kinds of audios, bacteria and fungus destruction, viruses, there’s just nothing to fix it.

Maybr something that’s been inflamed?

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Then get the body voyage and see what’s the problem from inside

Send me a picture in DM bro ill do some work on you. Im on some next level shiz these days lol.

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Bro, try Lymphatic Effusion!