Any recommendation for the chakra audios? :pray:

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Did you got vibration of creation?


Yes sir, I have the vibration series and soul restoration series, I removed it just to make my stack short. Sapien helped me and gave me some of those audios.


Yea but i hope u still use soul restoration from time to time to keep the storage clean. (auric cleanse, dreams new one also might be a good idea to use, now you have more slots :slight_smile: )

Vibration of creation is a great all-rounder field, use this as first in your stack (after permanent result) to declutter everything, makes every energy work more efficient.


Thank you, added it to my stack now :slight_smile:


Oh and energy expansion (from his card system), always a good idea to spam that.


I would really appreciate your help to create a stack for my mother (60+) to keep her happy, healthy and beautiful.

I think this would be a good start:
DNA REPAIR + Telomere Extension

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This is just a list of audios I think would be good. The stars are what I would put in a stack (Anti-aging stack, Blood stack, etc) The more stars they have the more importance I placed on them.

Maitreya (gumroad/site/youtube/patreon)
Tong Ren *
Blood Purification *
Rolfing *
Massage Relaxation *
Water Retention + Cellulite
Eternal Cleaner
Youthful skin (with/without skin change) **
The Healing Chamber **
Skeletal and joints regeneration *
Brain Regeneration *
Dental Healing

Sapien Medicine (gumroad/youtube/patreon/teespring)
Plasma Light**
Blueprint of life *
The Three Treasures *
Hydrogen accumulation and fission *
Hakuin’s Healing Egg ***
The Plasma Protocol ***
Plasma Soaked Teeth and Gums **
Smart Stem Cells **
The CarboxyTherapy field **
Microkinesi Therapist ***
The Plasma Glass Skin ***
The Microcurrent facial stimulent ***
My personal and mental supporter**
The Amniotic Membrane Healing Pod*
The Acu-Accupunture ***
The Blood Purifier+ ***
Negative Ion Charged Blood
The Lymphatic Effusion+ ***
The Spinal Tapper**
Blood Clot Dissolver*
Grey Restoration 2.5**
Enhanced Blood Circulation*
Alchemical Jing Charged Blood*
Anti-cancer 2.0*
Blood Pressure Reducer ver 2.0 (Hypertension Help)*
Platelet Rich Plasma with plasma light**
Dark Circles Removal**
Induced Mots - c Production
Ojas Refined and Defined
The shiny and Revitalized Hair**
Spa Days Album**
Stroke Prevention*
Full Body Detox
Face Lift and facial toning 2.0**
Glutathione Super Anti-Oxidant Ver 2.0**
Far Infrared**
Youth Recapture 2.0**
Collagen Booster 2.0**
Anti Aging**
Regeration audios
Immune System Supercharger
Skin Regeneration
Arm Fat Removal**
Face Combination**
Weight loss combo**
Sencent Cell Removal**


Chi compression into bone marrow-sapien
Bone and organ breathing -sapien
Smart stem cells -sapien
The bone strengthner -sapien
Joint Regeneration -sapien
Joint Regeneration-maitreya
Arthritis Treatment -sapien
Deep Bone Massage -sapien


My left wrist/right ankle doesn’t hurt anymore and right wrist hurts a little bit still.


Hair 2-3 loops each audio

Lymphatic effusion+ SM
Lymph MF
Kidney & Adrenal Healing SM
Fungus destroyer SM
Enhanced Blood Circulation SM
Stem cells targeted to scalp regeneration SM
Hair loss MF
Hair Recovery SM
Grey Hair 2.5 SM
Shiny & Revitalized hair SM

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Like a salon-spa from the future :star_struck:

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My Nightly Stack

  • Eternal Cleaner
  • Universal Cleaner
  • Awakening God 1
  • Awakening God 2
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Healing Chamber
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For me it doesn’t work well if not used consciously.


This stack seems to heal everything for me - physical, mental issues etc. I wake up feeling very good and the whole day goes fine.

Don’t get me wrong, it didn’t said it will not work but the potential of awakengod really goes down if not used in meditation. Sure, that can count for every field but on certain fields it matters more.

My favourite for sleep is the shamanic blend from sapiens.

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Somehow I get nightmares if I loop that one.

That’s a good sign.


Is this shamanic mixture in the patreon?