Stacks or combined fields


I’m new to Maitreya fields.

Is there a list on the forum that tells me which morphic apps combine well together?

If I have certain issues to work on, what stacks are recommended, and in what order of listen?

Also, is it best to play them over speakers or headphones?

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Hello, Scott!

We have a playlist with Business Series here:

Most of our fields are combined very well, so you can choose the ones that you need and bundle them.

If you share with us what you struggle we can suggest to you what fields you can use. There is no proper order for listening.

The best way for listening to audio is to use speakers, but also you can use headphones. Also, you can check out this field: DM: Headphones to Aura - MaitreyaFields

DM: Headphones to Aura

Maitreya fields are best used with speakers so the vibration can affect your whole aura and give you the fastest and best results, but sometimes when you are outside or at work this may not be possible. That is why many people use headphones and that diminishes the effectiveness of the fields. This field has been created to catch the quality and frequency of the energy field coming from your headphones and make it fill your aura, thus giving you the full effect of the field.

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