DM: Headphones to Aura

Maitreya fields are best used with speakers so the vibration can affect your whole aura and give you the fastest and best results, but sometimes when you are outside or at work this may not be possible. That is why many people use headphones and that diminishes the effectiveness of the fields. This field has been created to catch the quality and frequency of the energy field coming from your headphones and make it fill your aura, thus giving you the full effect of the field.


@Maitreya Does it work with wireless Bluetooth headphone?

The reason I ask this question is that some creators suggest using wired headphones instead of wireless ones.

Yes, it will work don’t worry.


Yes, they will work, but I am not a fan of Bluetooth headphones also, because it emits very large radiation and waves to your head.
I recommend also wired ones to be used. They are even cheaper than Bluetooth ones.
Also at night stop all Bluetooth devices, the internet, etc. while you are sleeping.


I sleep with my phone everynight, but I will turn on flight mode.
As far as I know, wireless Bluetooth headphones have a transmission rate limit of 256kbps.
Do transfer rate limits cause field inefficiencie similar to convert audio file formats ?

Wired headphones don’t have this limitation, so listening to HD audio requires wired headphones. These two days use this field and use headphones . It should be effective, I listen to too much audio field when working out, my head will be tight, I wonder if this is a symptom of excessive.

dont use wifi and bluetooth while you sleep people :smiley:

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For bone conduction headphones, I wonder if it also works?

Can i put the mandala in the back of my phonecase, and receive the result?

Same as other mandalas. If you hold it near 30cm it works. If you keep them farther away they stop.


Is it enough to wear this mandala only while listening to the audio, and then take it off when finished? Or maybe have mandala with me all the time for better results?

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Only when you are listening.


Thank you.

Does this mandala work like the same way as The Chosen Mandala? Like when you use it with headphones, does it only affect the person using it while using headphones to listen to audio. Let’s say if I am sitting next to someone and using my headphones, will someone next to me feel the energy fields too? Also will this work with Spirituality Zone audios?

DM: Headphones to Aura spread the whole field all over your aura. It is not the same as the Chosen that directs energy only to you.
It will work with other creators.

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@Maitreya, Is it effective with morphic fields as well?

It works with other creators, yes

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