Spinal Alignment Frequency | Heal and Straighten Your Spine | Full Spine Regeneration

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The vertebral column in terms of its structure, and in this way also the structure of the thin bodies, plays a major role in the physical and spiritual self-esteem of man and is a key to all levels of consciousness. Working with the vertebral column and its equilibrium have a huge impact on human health. The condition of the spine is directly related to the state of health. Proper straightening creates the basis for healing.

A list of symptoms that can be effectively removed when listening to the frequency:

  • Back Pain (upper, middle and down) Headaches, Nervousness, High Blood Pressure, Amnesia and Bad Memory, Dizziness, Difficult Breathing and more…
  • From our spine depends 80% of our health. This frequency is made for regeneration of all spinal vertebrae.

Full Skeletal System Regeneration + Joints:


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