Anyone got results from Maitreya's spine regeneration and healing video?

You don’t want to believe it, but I’ve been dealing with spinal disease my whole life. Not only do I have pain every day, but he also has a very bad appearance. The genetic disease I have is related to the inability of the spine to grow properly and the unknown causes in the spinal tissue. Physical therapy didn’t work. Surgery is the only solution, but it is a surgery with a very high risk.
I have never listened to Maitreya’s video, but if anyone listens and gets results, I would be very happy if they write it here.
(Do you think I can fix it by listening to this video?)


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I had good results. Try listening to the unconditional love audios too. I found that my posture improved over time and is still improving, but it’ll probably take a while

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Thank you very much for stating the results. This is really important to me and I know it will take a long time because I have read that it will take a long time for the spine to regenerate. It may take years, but it’s worth a try. Thank you.

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Have faith that this will work. Nothing in life is guaranteed but I know that these fields are genuinely effective at solving the root cause of issues which modern medical practices like surgery are woefully ineffective at solving. At least from my experience, a lot of physical problems have their origin in emotional blockages, or mental misperceptions. Often they also have a spiritual component too but that’s more nuanced and often automatically resolves itself.


I really appreciate you sharing this information with me. Contemplating this type of physical ailment makes my mind extremely uncomfortable, causing me to be filled with negative charges.

it helped to correct my posture and gave my full height in 2-3 days of listening only.
I feel more energy now.


Thank u so much. :heart::heart::pray::sleepy:

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