Specific vibration for invocation of DM? And how does the activation work?

Hi there, been creating my own totems, ergo DM, since Im a kid. And then proceeded with other self-crafted items as for example to pass exams in middle school etc. That was long ago and now Im curious about your work Maitreya, whether this is a group or a single person project, I feel curious. I want to know if your craft requires a minimum vibration to use DMs (or some of them) and how does the invocation take place, as some of them are followed with captions of step by step procedures, others commands and some have no specific guidelines at all. According to my concrete methodology of landing subtle information, I find this variety of “hows” vague and I feel insecure in the performance of your product. I need to understand your craft in order to position myself in trust, purchase and thus open, I thank you very much in advance and also if there is a third user able to provide a concrete solid answer, I welcome you so, thank you too :slight_smile: I enjoy seeing in this forum so many users arriving at energy from different experiences in life, a unified bridge towards the mystery of life.