Mandala & Field Storage Creator

This may come off as a total “duh” and probably already addressed a plenty but would anyone be able to lend an idea on how to synergise a DM with metal?

I just asked Maitreya about that a few days ago. Here, check it out:


If you are in touch with the energies enough you can guide them. I have done this many times. You basically harness the energy and transfer it anywhere you wish. You have to test it out somehow and play with it until you gain enough belief in yourself that you are doing is real!

Hold the Mandala and then recognize the energy of it. Then you simply transfer the energy with full intention and recognition of your action to any object you desire. I suggest going into a zero point state and then raising your vibration with Joy, Love or gratitude before you do this type of work. When you raise your vibration you resonate outside of the 3rd Density and are able to accomplish all you wish and desire.

It is all information! once you transfer the energy you must seal it some how as well or it will fade. You can create energetic bubble that have specific information imbedded in them to seal and protect the energy. Most of this may be going over your head but I am just providing a template for what is possible.

You could also just ask your guides to do some of the work! Ask and you shall receive :slight_smile:

I do most of the work myself as I am confident in my ability but your guides are here to assist you with anything you ask for as long as it is within your plan… another topic for later I’m certain lol.