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1.Does DM that requires activation to work just say “activate” out loud to work? Or will it start working if I say “activate” in my head? 2. And if I don’t say “deactivate”, does DM still work? 3. And do I have to say the words “activate, deactivate” in English or can I say it in my native language? Thank you all. I‘m waiting for your reply.


Welcome to our forum :slight_smile: We are more than happy to answer all of your questions.

  1. You can say it in your mind. It will work.
  2. If there is Activate/Deactivate instruction in the description, it will work until you will deactivate it.
  3. You can use your own language to communicate with mandalas. It doesn’t have to be in English.

Will DM work if I print at this size?


Yes. I always use that size too. :slightly_smiling_face:


For the 23 day, I’ve been using the ‘Natural Grow Taller Booster – HGH + Reopen Growth Plates’ DM. I carry the printed paper with me on the back of my phone case or put it in my pocket when I sleep. But I don’t see any change. Please let me know if I am using it incorrectly or if it does not work for me, please let me know how to solve it. Or how to maximize the effect. thank you and happy new year!

Physical changes might take time. You body receives instruction from the mandala, but your body will need some time to transform.

You can use boosters to speed up the process:

Thank you.
I think the first one is good for me. Do you have any recommendations for me among those three?

My fav top 3

  1. Quantum Booster
  2. Energetic Field Converter
  3. Fields Booster + Increased Sensitivity

I used them all 3 when I started my journey. You should follow your intuition when choosing fields for yourself.


If you have 2 digital mandalas how does it know which to activate it?

If it’s physical, do you touch the one you want to activate?

If it’s digital then are you looking at the opened file you want to activate?

Also the distance for effectiveness is claimed to be 30cm. Is that distance to your aura?

Most of our mandalas don’t need activation unless specified in the description. So they are automatically active when you keep them as wallpaper. It has to be two of them in the same picture, and they can’t be cropped.

Printed will work as long as you keep them close to your physical body within 30cm (not aura).

Actually I was thinking of specifically the mandalas which have you say “Activate” to work (such as Slow Down Perception of Time, another one is Reality Shifter).

If you have 2, how do you activate a specific one?

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Can ‘reality shift’ change something that happened in the past into something that never happened?

You can do it yoursel without shifting.

Mentally step into the event you want to change and act differently.

For example, if you once had an accident, now you revisit that past and alter the scenario, like taking a different route, ensuring everything turns out well.

It’s not the easiest concept to grasp initially, but the past coexists with your present and future. You can alter it, changing the energies influencing your current reality by doing so.

You can focus on one of them and think ‘Activate’. You can say the name of the mandala aloud and ‘Activate’. Either way, you focus your attention verbally or mentally.

It is not designed for that. It is designed to shift you to the timeline.

I agree with that 100%, but sometimes a bad event brings something good to your life or lesson. When you have changed this, you are more likely to attract something again to learn this lesson.

You cannot change a past event; you can change the energies stemming from that event.

If a trauma occurred 30 years ago, you might have recalled it thousands of times. Each time you remembered it, you were creating hundreds of negative events for yourself with those negative feelings/thoughts/emotions.

They are ways to travel through time. :slight_smile:

When you influence something that happened 30 years ago, then you change the whole energy from 30 till now automatically. Simultaneously shifting to a new reality.

Let it be as you wish ))

You can shift to a parallel timeline where the past is different. Did the past change or are you just moving around the multiverse? :slight_smile:

Then there’s also the Neville Goddard revision technique to change the past using manifestation.

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