Side effects of overuse of energy

I am 14 years old and I entered the energy field excessively last year.
I listened to MEF’s Acne Audio and Maitreya’s boosters all night long.
I am experiencing the side effect of thinning my hair.
And recently, I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm at the hospital.
I regret my abuse of energy and want to cure this.
Can you tell me the solution?

Please stop torturing yourself.


What does love audio mean?

This video will help with any spiritual clearing, hard time, dark night of the soul and so on…

Unconditional love is different from people’s perception for “real love”.

We have many conditions and rules to love, but our Creator knows everything for anyone and still loves it unconditionally and that is why you are alive.

Every moving being in the Universe is alive, because of the Creator’s love.

You are LOVED! We are all small individual parts from a larger whole with the illusion of the Earth “programming” that we are separated from each other.

This doesn’t matter when you see the bigger picture.
Because you are AWEKE, the whole Universe is now working and breathing for YOU! Sun is shining for us, threes produce oxygen, crystals transfer energy through whole Earth so we can have this blessed day and to be ALIVE, to feel, to be happy, to love each other, to experience this miracle called life.

Think about that and feel how much the Universe and our Creator loves you, every cell of your body, every through, every emotion… everything in you. You are WHOLE… AND LOVED, remember it.

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So how can side effects be treated?

Wear this mandala for a week, then don’t use anything for a while.

How can I use this?

You should not listen to boosters, they should not even exist. They force things to happen so quickly that they would destroy you. I have been through much but I hadn’t have a brain aneurysm but psychological things alike. I think that you should see about the mandala to reverse DM: Revision - Full Restart - MaitreyaFields it isn’t an audio would that make it safe for you ? I don’t know, I tried and it didn’t work on me.

I have tried everything to reverse what was done but I never did find anything that would definitely get rid of this curse in me. Every audio I listen has the wrong effect in me and when I stop listening to them is when I see that things get better and my body heals itself and reverse it but not completely, this is so strange. Profile - fool_of_a_man - Sapien Medicine

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