How to get started, improve sensitivity and feel the energy field?

How to get started, improve sensitivity, feel the energy field, feel fertilization, Qi and God. Do you have any good suggestions? What is it like to feel energy? How do I feel energy? Improve the perception of energy as soon as possible. Please provide pertinent suggestions to friends in the forum.

Like with everything new you want to learn you develop it by trying for a long time. It may be helpful to learn Reiki as it is easy to feel the Reiki energy and it will be very helpful generally for your energy system and developing sensitivity.


How should I learn? Are there references or recommended audio or Mandala? I can’t do this. I can’t get started. I put field_ INTEGRATION_ Primer has been in the pocket for a long time after printing, and nothing has changed.

any website that you can recommend for learning / attunement Reiki ??

Find a local Reiki teacher and learn Reiki. And you can use this: Fields Booster + Increased Energy Sensitivity - MaitreyaFields

No, you need to find a local teacher.

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There is no Reiki teacher in our local area. Everything needs to be understood by myself, but I don’t have any wisdom in this regard. Can the two madala you recommend help me?

Yes, two mandalas I just posted, look them up. I am not sure what other suggestion I can give you, apart from trying to feel various energy fields or plants, animals, people, minerals, etc.

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I’ll put these two in my pocket and try again for a while. Thank you very much and wish you a happy life.

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The thing is your gift/affinity might not be a ‘‘feeling’’ gift in the sense you imagine. You might be able to decode energies via telepathic messages, intuition, guided mental images, full-blown visions etc. You might have knack for just ‘‘knowing’’ what field at what time etc. Maybe your thing is tools like pendulums or cards.

It might not always regard sensations like heat, electricity, etc.

This exercise is one of the fastest way to improve your sensitivity and field results.


practice falun dafa

Do I study all? Or do I learn five pointed stars to practice posture alone?

where i am at its all cement , does this need to be stepping on the ground/soil /earth?

It’s best to step on ground/soil/earth, but you can do it anywhere. I’ve done it in my room on the carpet.

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Connection with Higher Self

I’m not sensitive to energy now. Will this help me? Will it help me connect with the higher self even if I don’t notice it?

Most probably not.
In my opinion you need to develop/purify your whole etheric body to become energy sensitive (although if you want to just feel it with your hands it might be enough to just work with your hand chakras - so you have to define what you really want to feel and where you want to feel it).
As far as I know the connection to your higher self is is accomplished through your pineal gland, crown chakra and spiritual cord. So its a different story and I am not sure if you were able to hear the voice of your higher self if you are otherwise insensitive to energy (I would appreciate other opinions on that).

Since you already use “field integration primer” and “energy sensitivity” mandala it might be a good idea to stack some etheric body purification to it (although it might already be built into these mandalas, I have not tried the energy sensitivity mandala myself).
Maitreya has a really good chakra cleanse on YouTube, it is called “114 Chakra Cleansing - Restore Energy Flow”.
While listening to the field you might want to concentrate if you feel something in your body. “Restore Etheric Body and Close Aura Gaps” might also be a good idea.
After that you could use an energising field like “energy increaser + three treasures” or “pranic healing and recharging” and again try to feel the effect. Practice. But dont overdo energising, too much energy is detrimental. Focus on the cleansing part and follow Maitreyas instructions.
The other suggestions you already got like learning an energy modality or doing the star excercise do the same. They strengthen and purify your etheric body and energy flow so all of our suggestions point in the same direction.