Seretonin Reducer Fields request (PSSD)

Hello there, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but…

I am currently doing a documentary on PSSD recovery (Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction)

The symptoms are:

  • Genital numbness
  • Pleasureless orgasms
  • No libido
  • Weaker erections
  • No emotions
  • Anhedonia
  • Depersonalization

The cause was: Venlafaxine, 37.5mg. Most likely due to SERT inhibition.
& Tobacco (5HT1A desensitization due to MAO inhibition by Harman and Norharman)

Blood tests showed: Vitamin D deficiency, Low Testosterone, Low B12, High TSH (poor thyroid function)

I just found out about this community and the youtube channel. I think it would be interesting to give these a try.

The mechanisms of this condition are rumored to be:

  • Dopamine Pathway desensitization
  • High seretonin (5HT2/3)
  • 5HT1A desensitization
  • lowered testosterone
  • lowered oxytocin
  • nitric oxide inhibition
  • high estrogen
  • high cortisol
  • high glutamate

Nofap seems to fix all the symptoms, but fantasizing about females, masturbation and/or alcohol bring me back to baseline.

I am currently using the Androgen receptor sensivity, dopamine receptor repair, estrogen reducer, cortisol control, greek god testosterone & male enhancement fields. This is my first day.

I want to mainly suggest a field that lowers Seretonin.


I can relate to the no libido, I am trying the hormone healer but the results come and go very easily. I used dopamine and brain chemicals and thankfully don’t need to use drugs and alcohol anymore but I think I have damaged my brain in a way where I can’t produce the necessary hormones for my libido to increase.
I would recommend brain chemicals field as well, it may help with the fantasizing aspect and it will most likely correct any imbalances in serotonin and that nature as well

Use this:
Brain Chemicals Restoration

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I would second a field for lowering of serotonin . It does have its role In the organism, but you can very easily get too much serotonin,which leads to fibrosis of the organs .
here’s an article of dr. Ray peat on serotonin:

From the article :
“Serotonin excess produces a broad range of harmful effects: Cancer, inflammation, fibrosis, neurological damage, shock, bronchoconstriction, and hypertension, for example. Increased serotonin impairs learning, serotonin antagonists improve it.The simplest, nonessential, amino acid, glycine, has been found to protect against carcinogenesis, inflammation, fibrosis, neurological damage, shock, asthma, and hypertension. Increased glycine improves learning (Handlemann, et al., 1989; File, et al., 1999), glycine antagonists usually impair it.”


Lowering seretonin can have it’s own negative effect…you can use brain Regen field from sapien and addiction healing. Also use brain chemical from maitryea…brain regeneration field can cure any brain related problem and bring it back to its normal state. You can see comments to see it’s effectiveness…it also helps with any kind of addiction. Or maybe you can try making item with it using field creator storage so it was work all time…there’s no limit how much you can use it. It’s fine even if you use all day…the audio or the item. Just put it off if you feel overwhelmed…

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