SBC: High Witcher


  1. This field will work only for the highest good of the owner and other people. It has inbuilt strong protection so that if someone tries to use it for harm it will self-destruct instantly and will become unusable. (No refunds for that)
  2. Harm is defined as any violation of the free will of another even if intended for their good. This includes sending healing without permission or influencing the life of another without request and permission.

The Witcher is the most intelligent field which can be used for anything as long as it doesn’t harm anyone.

It is equipped with:

  •    intelligence to learn, find solutions to problems,
  •    execute energetic tasks manipulate energy,
  •    perform healing,
  •    be allowed to be controlled and instructed via the subconscious mind (via the DM Subconscious Connector),
  •    can take any form that the owner wants,
  •    ability to assist owner as a protector in lucid dreams and astral travel,
  •    support and boost manifestations,
  •    have the abilities of the Finder mandala, the Life Coach mandala, the Rewarder mandala,
  •    ability to work, save and store Maitreya’s other fields (only when purchased),
  •    can connect with the Field Emitter USB stick and the other fields on it,
  •    automatic subconscious limiting belief clearance 24/7,
  • the ability to serve as luck booster, opportunity bringer, trauma protector.

Overall it acts as a spiritual friend that is always there for anything that you need him, but without any of the negative human traits like jealousy, anger, boredom, annoyance, resistance etc., and many other cool skills and active and passive abilities. Brainstorm the field together and learn from each other in the forum.

The field works only for the person who has purchased it.


Holy Moley… Who’s going to try it first??


Wow, very interesting! So you can only give it instructions on what to do or manifesting via the Subconscious Connector?
What does it mean - can take any form that the owner wants?


It’s based on the concept of servitors , but with another source of energy.


Can you share what is the source of energy?


Universal / Neutral as all other fields.


Can you communicate with it directly or it requires the Subconscious Connector?

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You can communicate directly and also the field Subconscious Connector it’s included in this, so you can use it without buying it.


There’s nowhere to put the Patreon discount - can it apply? @Maitreya @Genius


I’m a little confused. When I click on the Gumroad link out of curiosity, it’s showing payment amounts by subscription length for this rather than a one-time payment.


This is a God sent for those people that missed the “13 Skull” NFT Servitor from Sapien Med recently that lasted less than minute before it went out of stock.

A question for Maitreya:

I’m working on a lottery system that is working very good right now even though I’m not throwing any money at it just yet.

I’m in the testing phase and will test it for a month or two more before doing it for real.

So, If I buy the Witcher can it help me with this task?

Can it influence the Lottery drawings to my favor?

Can it improve dramatically my percentage of wins?

Thanks in advance.


Awesome JAAJ!


This is new series SBC (limited fields) which are with membership.



Thanks! What does SBC mean?

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Subscription fields.
Also, those will be upgraded over time as people start using them and they get ideas on how to be improved.
This field is also growing and getting stronger over time with his user.


So, for example, if I subscribe to this, I guess, “servitor” type of field for just one month and decide to unsubscribe, it just disappears and is unusable?

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I’d imagine anything I’m attuned to or have as energetic programing from other creators is fair game for the Witcher too am I correct?

how can we communicate with him without buying him? if I use my subconscious DM connector the witcher will do what I ask him even if I have not paid for a subscription ?!

Is it possible to know what their active and passive abilities are ?!

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Other way around. The Witcher is built to be communicated to using the subconscious connector. For those who haven’t purchased it they’re able to use the feature if they subcribe to the Witcher.


Soooooooo I can ask it to “find” me the money to pay for itself each month? hahaha Wait on… I have the Finder DM - I’ll ask that. :rofl:

I would love to know this too…

I would love to try it out for many reasons, but I have sooo many questions. I’ve never used a Servitor before, I’m guessing it’s similar to that.

Can ask it to look after our energy 24/7. Make sure we are always grounded, and our energy is always balanced, including our chakras. Give us an extra boost when we require it etc…

Neutralise any negative emotions that are coming up on our behalf? Neutralize any trapped emotions in my energy field.

Raise our vibration on our behalf.

Could it affect and clear the energy of our environment (like home or office)?

Could I ask it to utilise all my mandalas in the most effective way to get my manifestations? So it’s doing all the work, and I just simply have to “ask” it. ( Inner Resistance Mandala, Shadow Integration, Maya Ruler (or Reality Shifter) .

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