Reverse results?

Hi Maitreya,

I’m hoping you can help me.
I have been listening to the Cellulite and water retention field for over a week.

I have noticed that my cellulite and water retention is actually getting considerably worse. I’m actually shocked how bad the swelling around my ankles is. I haven’t seen it that bad in quite some time. My routine or diet has not changed.

Is there some sort of ‘purge’ that takes place before getting results or something to that effect?

I’m hoping there’s an explanation for this otherwise I will just try and push through it for another week or so.


Hello aphro84 ,are you paying attention to your salt intake?

Yes. As stated my diet and lifestyle have not changed at all.

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Symptoms getting worse before they go away for good is a very common healing experience. Work through it


I have the same issues everytime I work on psi abilities. The empathic part of it kills me.

I’m hoping to hear from Maitreya to comment on this issue :pleading_face: