Reverse Results of Digital Mandala

So I asked about reversed results of mandala and i got suggestion to use heal Trauma for 10-12 days and yesterday the mandala was inside my keyboard compartment and had no idea, I was near to mandala for approx 2-3 hours and gained 1Kg in single day, I don’t know what is happening, why am i gaining weight instead of losing.
please help someone.

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It is not possible to gain 1 kg of fat in a day. This is likely water retention. It is not necessarily connected to the mandala. Our weight fluctuates and what you see on the scales in not all fat. In the morning you weigh less, then it matters what’s in your bowels, how much water, salt, etc. you’ve taken in. Relax and see what happens.

can you tell me, for how many days I should use it to get slight result?

actually this happened before, I used it for 2 days and gained 2kg weight without increasing food intake, that’s why i am worried.

You can use a DM to remove inner resistance.If your body reacts by gaining weight when you want to heal trauma it may mean that it is resisting this and trying to protect itself. Check this out: DM: Inner Resistance Dissolver - MaitreyaFields
And the Field Integration Primer too: DM: FIELD INTEGRATION PRIMER - MaitreyaFields


body didn’t reacts in weight gain while using trauma healing, but if I go near to weight loss mandala, I gained weight everytime.

Which mandala is that?

Automated workout and weightloss one…
i purchased approx 2 weeks ago… I used it for 2 days and gained 2KG so i adviced to use trauma healing so i stopped using mandala but somehow i came in contact with it again and gained another one kg.

Gaining weight means resiatance to change / or too much energy inside your body which is not used / grounded. Get resistance dissolver mandala.

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Hey Maitreya, thanks for the reply and suggestion but I can’t afford it right now, can you suggest me any field from your channel?