DM on pocket (Physical form) + DM (with Mandala manager) ? Increase the effect?

Is it true? Just curious to know…
Will it increase the effect???

No, no change in strength.

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Energy is one and the same, regardless of how the products are used. If a person wants to enhance the effects, it is necessary to work and intend to integrate the energies from the mandalas more quickly and effectively. This intention does not boost the energy, but the person asserts their desire for these results. They direct their energy and allow their subconscious to make things happen more quickly.

Most people do not need this process at all. In the fields, there are built-in mechanisms that automatically enter a person’s subconscious and make immediate changes. There might be delayed effects in certain spheres if the person themselves has trauma in that direction and the subconscious resists such changes. Usually in such cases, when a person starts to use such a mandala, there is an immediate signal effect - they become irritable, start crying during the day without a reasonable cause, and other similar cleansing processes occur.

These healing crises pass quite quickly.


I confirm this.

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