Request: Field to clear spells from "Warlock frequencies subliminals" and such creators

I would like to request a video specifically targeting those frequencies I heard from “Binaural wizard” that created a video called “Reverse frequencies, subliminals” that caused me much harm. If possible to clear any spells and not discern between any, that would be better. In conclusion to update Etheric Spells and Curses Clearing - Destroy the Effects / Energetically Programmed Audio - YouTube which I want to use but after I end listening to “Reverse Effects from All Frequency / Energetically Programmed Audio” and please if you could no positive or negative philosophy this tend to fall in disagreement and doubt.

I have been in much distress and dehydrated while I sleep in these past 2 years which I think it’s the shamanism from this previous video I listened to not just this one but one that would “boost any frequency” and would “cure any scar” those were damaging also. And the “Reverse Effects from All Frequency / Energetically Programmed Audio” might not have worked but in part maybe because I still have this problem because it’s not just a energy work it’s a spell.

Just a straight forward video specifically to clear any spells an updated version, thank you, your video “Reverse Effects from All Frequency / Energetically Programmed Audio” might help me I have been listening for 3 days 2 hours each, headphone and no headphone.

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It’s a request.

Maitreya has made a mandala that does what you’re asking for - it’s called ‘Revision - Full Restart’. It works very well, just print it out and keep it in your pocket. You can download the mandala for free from here:

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Frequency wizard is becoming a legend on this forum.

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This one is similar to “Reverse Effects from All Frequency / Energetically Programmed Audio” I fear it will not work anyways I can’t also not do both since the mandala will cancel the field which is more effective, so first I will listen to this then use the mandala after some time. And I can’t express the need to update the “Etheric Spells and Curses Clearing”

Don’t. :wink:

This is backwards - the mandala is MUCH more effective.


Understand that if a specific creator’s work is publicly targeted to be removed by a field, that level of aggression could spark a war between two creators. Holy shit, imagine if Maitreya made a field to specifically remove the effects of Sapien’s fields? There would be a riot. How could you know that Subliminal Warlock and Frequency Wizard, or their community, wouldn’t react the same?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending these creators. But Hell, even Ascension Archangel might not be truly malicious. There isn’t any solid evidence to support such things, even if you truly believe it to be true. I’m just saying to approach this with tact, rather than encouraging bold moves/claims to be made.

Instead, just ask Maitreya to make something more generalized, but would be able to target works similar in nature to those creators. That way, a lot of mess is avoided.


There isn’t any names used but he already made that claim in his description that the audio would remove morphic fields, there isn’t no problem as long as there isn’t no names because curses can be anything that doesn’t belong to warlock shamanism who worsened my life and don’t deserve to be used.

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