DELETE COMMAND in 'Permanent Results Integrator' Cleanses Everything You Need Out Of Your Subconscious Mind

I have been using Delete command for past 3 days continuously. So first I have decided to start from begining and to delete every video I now regrete listening to. The command (thank God) works on everysingle one of them and on an loger period then 3 months. I used to listen Wizard frequencie before 4 years and started deleting his videos, omg so much negative energy came out of my subconscious mind and body. I never realized it but some of his spells/formulas have been harming me all this time without me realizing it. They were stuck in my mind/body/soul and only with this Delete command was I able to clear it out. I used to believe that formulas like Undo/reverse from Quadible Integrity are universal and clear everything, but now I know that our subconscious mind registers everything, good and bad, it gets stuck on us like glue and we carry it with us all the time.
What we listen shapes us for all time so we need to be more careful in our actions. There were also some formulas from Quadible Integrity that got stuck and I needed to release and subliminals I used from Mind Pro Lab. Fabio. Thank God for Maitreya and this creation of formula.Preformatted text


Good to know man you are better and than this could work longer than three months.
Maybe Maitrey specified three months as a sure gap.
I have tried this command with three different audios and all worked instantly.
Very powerful indeed.


And people didnt believe me on Sapien forums when I said freq wiz and other “creators” add in unneccessary bullshit in their “frequencies”.

Only a matter of time before quadible gets exposed too.

Although if you have a strong connection with your higher self it should be obvious who they really are.


I deleted 30 videos today and am stinking like hell right now :dizzy_face::face_vomiting:


Their agenda is backed by lesser alien scum who try to force “ascension” trough satisfaction.

Its just an upgrade from “forced slavery” to

“we’ll make you satisfied so you dont desire things”

Aka cheap dopamine hits, love, oneness, blabla.

Remember you are immortal consciousness playing a game.

There are no rules, fuk any being claiming there are rules.

Have fun and hunt those goals down my brethren!


Whats interesting once you say Delete command it takes you exactly at time you were listening that audio and you experienece it again but now reversed :+1::innocent:


Hey man, whats best field from Maitreya to release bad energy feom subconscious? I am looking for something like this but more powerful so I can save some time.

You are right about what you said.


If you are a patreon of Sapien medicine I would highly recommend spamming “Imaginarium Divine”.

It strenghtens your connection with your higher self and subconscious, permanently.

So you have help from higher self and will have a stronger connection with your subconscious.

From Maitreya I would recommend the mind control mandala.

Understanding concepts = Easy communication with your subconscious and higher self.


Thats good advice. I was never drawn to Sapien but Mind Control mandala poped in my view.

Have you tried Revision field? It connects and clears subconscious traumas…


Definitely check out Sapien dude.

No I dont need revision, also who says its traumas?

For example a “frequency” could make you sexually attracted to wild boar.

Doesnt mean its a trauma but definitely something you gotta ditch :joy::joy:

(Unless its your thing ofcourse :crazy_face:)



I humbly ask you if you could update/upgrade “Delete field command” to ALSO deleting whole channel. Something like Delete whole content from /name of channel/ that we have listened too… This would save us much time. Please Maitreya :bowing_man:‍♂:bowing_man:‍♂:pray::pray:


Frequency Wizard and Subliminal Warlock aren’t affiliated with QI. The reason they have similar styles is because the former two channels approached Quadible and asked them for help in designing and stylizing their channels. I do agree Quadible is pushing an agenda, that much can be seen by even reading their descriptions. But I get results so I won’t complain too much. I don’t get negative side effects or purging symptoms likesome others report, which means that either I happen to resonate with the creator’s energies more than others, or I just don’t have a lot of baggage to purge.


I did some more clearing today. This is what I found out. Only negative experience from Quadible I got was from Etreal Attunement formulas you can buy in their store. Now in description you can read that she states that etreal attunement should be used only if necessery. Those I had to delete again because there were resedues energies in my space that neded to be released.
On other hand F. W. and Warlock, I have nothing good to say.


This whole story of liberation proves my theory, that old audios may be getting in the way at the moment.

Any other person noticing negative stuff on quadible videos ?

I have had good results with their videos and I haven’t noticed anything particularly bad… although I am not the type of person who is sensitive to energy / not self-concious either, to see if these videos may be affecting me negatively.


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I am sensitive, and I didn’t notice, but it may be a matter of not really observing if I was really being affected, so, I don’t know, but after some reports I am suspicious.

Yeah, I am also suspicious now.

Anyway, I have two things to note:

  1. The results for each person may vary from creator to creator. If you visit the Sapien Medicine forum, for example, you will find many people questioning Maitreya’s work and some even claim that his audios do not work. On the Quadible Integrity channel you can also find many comments disqualifying Sapien / commenting on bad experiences they had with his videos.

  2. I believe that whether an audio has negative effects and affects us or not, depends largely on our level of consciousness and vibration. When our vibration level is low, we are more prone to be affected by negative energy. The best known case of a creator who has added negative stuff to his videos, is Mind Power… Many people claimed that they felt really bad using his videos and that they contained affirmations to brainwash people (they were subliminal audios), while others said they had months or years of using his videos without having any negative effect.


I agree. Too much weight on system carrying around. People think that it goes away but that’s not the case. I deleted energy from my system that was from 4 years ago. Think about that.


So aura clearing can miss stuff like that?

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Aura clearing, Universal clearing, anything from Quadible, all frequencies, hypnosis, subliminal, i tried everything until I found this.

Hand to heart, for me this is a game changer. I used to believe that I reversed everything because of title on video like “Powerful Flush” or “Reverse every spell” but no my friend. Those things don’t reverse anything, well we think it does, but it doesn’t. You can try it on yourself. Take any field, frequencie, subliminal, whatever and delete it with this field. You’ll see.