Etheric Spells and Curses Clearing - Destroy the Effects

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This works to destroy all the effects of (only) negative spells that don’t serve you anymore. Programming was made to clear this life and also past lifes and whole etheric body.

As those spells are cleared from your energy field, if you have some bad entities in you, they will leave, cause they don’t have more with you as you don’t hold this energy anymore.

You can use headphones and speakers. We recommend speakers so it can affect your whole body /subconsciousness mind/.

2-3 times listening per day should be enough.
You can listen it again when you feel the need.


Boosted version:


Opinions about this field?

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There are so many cleaners and cleansers, sometimes its confusing what to use… Each promises to be better than the previous one lol

I thought Eternal Cleaner was the one, and then came Universal Cleaner, and then we have Smilodon guardians. I guess there really is no one do-it-all, like there are no such things in real world.

I just meditate, chant my mantra, breathe, eat healthy, workout and frankly, the need for so many cleansers has dropped. Or else, there is no end to cleansers and cleaners that each do one of the 100 things lol


Sometimes I’m confused too. I was taught to accept the perfection of what Life has brought to me in every moment. That I am already perfect, and need nothing. That I accept everything and resist nothing.

Yet I still strive to work on myself to release and surrender all the “junk” or imperfections that cause blockages to the flow of Shakti. Sometimes I wonder that if I truely let go of everything, including the existance of the blockages and their effects on my psyche, will it matter if the blockages still exist? Will these cleaners still be relavant in moving me to unconditional happiness?


@Maitreya @Genius @Polaris

If I’m correct this is to clear after removing spells and curses?

It will remove spells and curses from your aura in the past, now and future and clearing you at the same time. It might not be successful for vows and contracts.


Wow. Thank you.

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Please tell me, if I bought “DM: Cleansing the Ancestral Line”, do I need this mandala “Cleansing Ethereal Spells and Curses”?

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This is not necessary, but if you want to speed up and boost the whole process, you can add this one, too. Or you can meditate with Ancestral Line Clearing to boost it.



  1. During meditation with Ancestral Line Clearing, do you need to give any commands, imagine something, or does it work automatically? :slight_smile:

  2. Would the Subconsciousness Beliefs Clearing Mandala be a good complement to Ancestral Line Clearing? Do these mandalas work on different themes?

Thank you very much!

  1. You can say a command to the field to focus on your closest family first or revoke all contracts that allow entities to own newborn babies. The field will focus on your intention first but also work on other aspects. But let’s say you let the field know what your priority status is. You can do this with any field.

  2. Absolutely. If you feel drawn to this field, this means that you might be exactly what you need for now. Following your own intuition, especially when there are so many options to choose from, is the best way to grow. What is good for you might not be good for someone else at this time and space.
    This field will be good to work standalone or to help you remove anything that can stop you.


How the removal of future curses works?
Since there could be future events that modifies our future timelines.
Will this stay in our aura?

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This audio

For future you would need to use this: UNIVERSAL CLEARING
This mandala works on past, present and future.