DM: Restore Source Connection

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This field is designed to remove the obstacles in a person that prevent them from connecting with the Divine and their own creative power as a Creator.

The field is tuned to pass through all levels and clear these obstacles, at the 3D level, Higher Self, 5D, at the soul level, and Monad. The reduction and interruption of the connection can be due to many factors, but some of them are:

  • Strong subconscious beliefs and energies related to anger towards the Universe/God. These may have been created in past lives.
  • Attacks on you by entities. This includes all kinds of magic, attacks against you on other levels, spells, curses, and others.
  • Substances that a person has taken in 3D that have distorted their connection.
  • Long-term problems with entities and demons.
  • Participation in occult practices, groups, and the use of black magic.
  • When consciousness is stolen by other beings and deliberate brainwashing through shock techniques.

There may be other manifestations of this, but these are the most common. The field will clear and restore your sacred connection and build defenses for the future, so that external influences cannot touch your evolutionary and divine growth.

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Thanks to Maitreya and the team for this awesome mandala!

Could you please consider making the Patreon version available for free to those who are not subscribers? I think images on social media tend to be compressed…

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You can tap the image and then the 3 points in the right corner, then you can download :slight_smile: if you use smartphone

They will work fine, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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