Responsibility and Action Mindset

Most of the people know what they want, but they are afraid of taking full responsibility and making actions… so they never try to catch their dreams. This field will remove the fear from responsibility and will boost your system to take actions constantly. It will work to make you free from your insecurities and overthinking. Many people do manifestations, wishes, rituals and all other stuff, but the truth is that when your chance comes – you have to take action. This is the last piece of the puzzle so you can make physical changes in your reality.

Seriers are made in a way you can change inside and then outside income will come naturally. Field removes energy blocks and subconsciousness beliefs that are sabotaging you.

Playlist for Business Series > Here <


if it is fated for me to be rich i think this series will do it effortlessly for me :relieved:
or my seconed chance i will marry a rich man :grin:


Thank you very much. That was faster than I thought. :smiley:

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Does this help you have a better work ethic and productivity?

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it can help also to all other areas of your life, not only work


Oh this is a good one. Thank you

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You mean you wanna attect wealthy people?

it’s in my future plans to marry wealthy man i am not materialistic but if i can live in abundance why not? :yum: … for now i am using guilt healing mandala i am in the first stage of deserving of more of the good things because guilt block the second chakra … :sweat_smile:


Yah there’s nothing wrong with that ofc but there are some stuff that can help with it definitely for example soulmate encounter should help :smiley:

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i will try it :heartpulse:

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when you say responsibility what do you mean by it?
Like responsibility in other areas of life?
What does that mean?
Responsibility in what ways?
thank you

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in every way
work, relationships, self care, care for others
it will be integrated fully and you will stop to fear taking actions, because of that
most people don’t start many things, because of this fear from responsibility


After it integrated on my aura, will this series become permanent? and how can be. I mean for example. Shiva said that if my aura integrate with the field, then reality immediately manifest. So he said the vibration of the field need a lot of time to integrate with people, maybe years but it will help me to get the point manifest. But as i understand, this serie integrated fully in just 2-3 weeks @Maitreya . Can you explain me, i will be so grateful.

I think this is an exaggeration, because if it is true we are all screwed lol

Sorry but i dunno what u mean. Sr for my bad english.

I am the one who has a very bad English, I am saying that such statements are meaningless, all the creators say that the average time to have permanent results is 3 months, SZ is the only one who is saying that it can take years, analyzing the functioning of the mind at various levels does not make sense that it takes years to be permanent.

yes that why im confused. Maitreya said in youtube that kind of mindset audio take 2-3 weeks to fully installed.

In what context exactly did SZ say that? What was his question?

in his article about Vibration of a muilti millionaire

How do you know that tomorrow you won’t hit the lottery or something else that will bring you unexpected money? :slight_smile: Because of the limits some are struggling with manifesting. In the moment you are on the same resonance (field helps a lot with that) - the change is made. First in your head and after that in reality. 2-3 weeks is enough new beliefs to be changed. Anyway they can start work instantly or in a few months, this is individual and i can’t say.

For example when i work with myself with changes, on some topics in my life i got instant manifestation / change… and on others i have to work more or to wait weeks/months. For everyone is different with time.