Millionaire Mindset

This field will install directly into your subconscious the beliefs that will help you to reach millionaire mindset. The only difference from rich people and poor are their beliefs and their thinking. We used to copy meta-field from quantum vacuum that is holding this vibration so it will be installed in your system in 2-3 weeks fully.

Seriers are made in a way you can change inside and then outside income will come naturally.

Last version of the seriers will include more energy power to make you a nice boost for taking actions and responsibility + remove the fear from responsibility. :slight_smile:

Field removes energy blocks and subconsciousness beliefs that are sabotaging you.

Playlist for Business Series > Here <


finally … no money, no fields ahahahahahah am I right?


fields will be forever :wink:
i have a list with 372 suggestions,
no worries :ok_hand: :joy:


More sacred places mai :pray::pray::pray:

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I like the playlist addition!


Then I can go underground for a long time

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can u share what are kind of beliefs of a millionaire. Im so confused about that. Just please gimme some examples, thank you <3

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Most people are not even ready for such things. Being a millionaire is not all it’s presented to be! Just to be able to carry the energy of a millions dollars is taxing. Take it from someone that has a net worth of over a million it’s not easy to carry the vibration.


Focused on desired goal to accumulate wealth(money) in large amounts.

Dedication to your business since most millionaires own their own business.

Willing to for go the normal luxuries in life to ensure your business is always in good standing on all levels. I work 12 of my awake hours a day for my business. But when I get the chance to play I do what I choose.

Love for what you do. This is probably the most important.

Expanded Vision since you always have to adjust with the times.

Leadership skills

There are many more but these stood out to me.

Honestly I would focus more on abundance, peace and well being.


thank youuu, that’s what i wanna see. My father is a millionaire because of investing land. As i can see from him and his friends, everybody have different traits. For my father, he don’t have leadership skill, but he is always have a positive attitude and always working hard as hell. That’s why i ask this question.


Well we need to equalize the playing field and create more millionaires. It doesn’t make sense for a few % of people to own over 90% of the wealth in this world.
The poor and middle class work very hard too. Wishing great success to everyone listening to this


It’s impossible we all we millionaries except every employee get a million for her/his labor.


Danro That’s right, if everyone is rich then there is no one rich.

Lots of money waiting to be made floating around in space. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it is very liberating :wink:

And the belief that you “have to work hard for money” or “work at all” are just limiting beliefs in my opinion.


I’m not interested in socialism or taking away wealth from the 1%.
I’m interested in seeing more people Level up and have greater opportunities to grow in every way.
There is oppression and those who are actively involved in dumbing down some sections of society.
The past Caste system in India or apartheid in South Africa or slavery in America all impacted wealth creation.
Live and let live


Have you ever felt the wonderful feeling of millions of dollars or unlimited money? I’ve had lucid dreams about it lately, it’s really liberating …


Small question regarding this field:
You mention that [quote="Maitreya]
We used to copy meta-field from quantum vacuum that is holding this vibration so it will be installed in your system in 2-3 weeks fully.

So, you only have to listen to it for 3 weeks to get the full benefits? (it was also a question on youtube)

And does the trading fury mandala contains all of this, because it also mentions that it installs the millionaire mindset?

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Can someone explain me this ?

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