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Gaslighting has become a popular term, known by almost everyone. The term originated from a play and later a movie called Gaslightthat was made in the 1940ties. The plot of the movie is that a husband attempts to convince his wife that she is going crazy by changing secretly elements of her surroundings and then telling her that nothing has changed and she is delusional. The title of the play refers to him slowly dimming the gaslights in the house and telling his wife that nothing is different and she needed to be examined and committed to a mental institution.

Since the 1960s the word has become popular and in the 70ties and 80tieshas been used in the psychiatric literature as a term describing behavior aimed at destroying another’s the perception of reality. Now we use the term in the same manner as a word that describes a form of psychological abuse that can damage one»s self-esteem, question their reality, sanity, and even memories. This leads to the person being incapable of clear thinking and becoming dependant on the abuser. Such a person becomes anxious, confused, and exhibiting cognitive dissonance.

One of the tactics of the abuser is to separate their victim from the people he or she is close to and loves. In forced isolation when there is no feedback from an honest person the victim is easier to manipulate and scare even further. This in turn deepens depression, isolation, sense of powerlessness and makes them afraid to even share their thoughts and perception in case they are ridiculed or told they are wrong. Such people show what is known to «illusory truth effect» which is the tendency to believe false information is, in fact, correct based on repeated exposure to lies that become accepted as reality.

This phenomenon occurs in romantic relationships, families, platonic relationships, and between ‘friends’ as well as work-related and even in large social groups. This is always based on malicious behavior and conscious attempts to mislead someone for the abuser’s own interest. The abuser can be a person, a corporation or a government body, or a media outlet. A person, group of people or even whole societies can lose their grounding in reality and accept the false belief that is damaging to them and serves another interest.

Usually, the victim does not realize they are being manipulated for a long time and leads to them being scared, overwhelmed, and confused. It is indeed possible for a person to free themselves from the emotional abuse, break the cycle and get in touch with reality and their own judgment once again.

This field has been designed to eradicate guilt and shame / resolve all of the energy from any time you’ve experienced gaslighting/remove all doubts and confusion / teach you how to know and feel your truth / help you to remember your true essence and self before gaslighting. The field will also teach your brain to stop releasing ‘happy’ neurotransmitters when you meet, see or hear toxic people or people to whom you were once attracted for a good reason but have now deteriorated into manipulative and damaging to you.

This will help you end such unhealthy relationships as you won’t feel a chemical/emotional reward from them anymore. It will release any guilt, shame, or sense of obligation you may feel towards them.


Thank you for this! The timing of this release is ideal to help someone I very much care about.


Great release it will help many :smiley:


No way. That’s crazy. I was just thinking of listening to this audiobook. Cool.

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Thank you for this field release @Maitreya !! I purchased the Mandala/boosted audio but I can’t find the audio to download as well.


I forgot to upload it in Gumroad. Now it’s fixed.
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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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It looks good and very useful.
I found a movie from this year.


@Maitreya In my humble opinion. Just saying that because I may be expressing a minority opinion. This is a greatest of all times field. Would you consider creating a No More Codependency field?

I think that would be a more than nice compliment to this field.

Narcissism is tied into the myth of Narcissus. A myth 2000 years old.

Parable might be a better word for it.

Codependency is the other half, the complimentary state that joins with narcissism and feeds it.

Narcissus is the Narcissist archetype. And Echo is that of the codependent.

Here in this video, I think he does an excellent job of showing how this “myth” has profundity and relevance.


How is this Mandala helping your friend Frank? How much,how long to do they use it for ? Daily, How many hours? Suggestions? thanks. respectfully.
I plan on getting this one as well "Heal ,Release Trauma, Incident and Limited Beliefs?
Then later followed my Releasing CO dependency and perhaps when Im ready Universal Healing…dang so many good and powerful Mandala’s. IM currently using a very powerful subliminal from another company and that until further notice, hence the Mandala’s here would work well as I am not to use any other subs while using this particualar sub,so again the Mandala’s would fit and work well with this set up. thank you.


Thank you, @Maitreya.


Will it heal workplace related Gaslighting to?
I read something about it, and it correlates with my current work enviroment.

What Is Gaslighting Abuse at Work?

It’s also important to recognize gaslighting abuse symptoms in the workplace and other contexts outside romantic relationships. Blame shifting in relationships and other gaslighting behaviors can take place between colleagues or between a supervisor and employee.

Typically the perpetrator acts in a way that puts the other person’s credibility in doubt, and/or causes them to question their take on the situation, undermining their confidence and belief in themselves. Someone might use gaslighting as a tactic to avoid owning up to a mistake at work, or to unfairly take credit for a task well done.

Another type of workplace gaslighting is known as “whistle-blower gaslighting.” This describes a situation in which an employee who reports misconduct at work, such as a toxic environment or sexual harassment, is made to feel that they are overreacting, remembering wrong, or misinterpreting.

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It won’t heal co-workers. They would have to use the field by themselves. DM: Get Along this is an environmental field, maybe there is a way for you to put it somewhere. If not, you can carry it with you, and it will work while you are there.