Release and Block Physical Parasites Influence

This field is created to Release and Block Physical Parasites Influence.

Few people know that parasites, including the physical ones, can energetically communicate with our consciousness and produce feelings, attitudes, and emotions that direct and influence our desires and behaviour. Parasites have their own consciousness that has evolved to use their surroundings to survive.

This is already known for the Cordiceps parasitic fungus that infects living ants and makes them behave in an unnatural way leading them to their death for the benefit of the fungus. The same happens in our own bodies and minds.

Parasites that live in people need sugar for survival, which can make us go on sugar binges that we are unable to control. They can make us feel very sick and scared when we take on an anti-parasitic program, transmitting to us their own feeling that they are dying, thus making us feel as if we are in grave danger and must stop the cleanse.

Our addiction to unhealthy foods comes mostly from them. Sugar, alcohol, emotional eating when you are not hungry and junk food desire comes from their strive for a beneficial environment for their survival.

This field is designed to interrupt parasites’ influence on your mind and emotions. That will lead to changed behaviours that will make your body an inhospitable environment for them. It also includes an energetic program to leave your body.

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Good Gawd, Please get these 2 in DM format. I already have release parasite’s, etc.

We have it here: DM: Release Parasites - Physical and Energetic
You can combine this with natural herbs that are antiparasitic. I used something that had thyme, wormwood, and walnut leaf. Oregano oil is good, too.

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Importantly, you also eliminate eggs. Among other things, Thym and cloves does this.

And I agree, especially oregano, black walnut and wormwood (see Hulda Clark cure),

Don’t forget garlic. VERY powerful.

And those buggers don’t like silverskin onions either

Borax is awesome to.

Parasites within the body are physical manifestations and anchors for metaphysical/astral energetic parasites and archon attachments that feed off our energy and hinder us from reaching our highest self.