Removing Thought Forms and Parasites

Thought forms are projection from other beings/people to us. As they get stronger and stronger they become part of you and you even don’t notice why you acts this way, because it became your normal state. That s great if projections are good, for example if your kid thinks you are superhero, but most of the through forms are unconciously projected from other people upon you and they attach to your aura f you have similar beliefs or you are in lower vibration in this moment. For example: someone meet me at the street and think for me: how ugly person this is. If I am in lower vibrational state this through form will attach to my aura and I will start to feel ugly, but this isn’t mine (someone projected it and I accepted it).
You get the point.

After this clearing you will feel like new person.
Parasites on other side love to attach to someone and to project them their through, feelings and patterns. This programming works to remove energy parasites and the patterns that attract to you this type of energy and entities.
As a result you can expect also the parasites from “your real life - people” that are parasite type.


I thought all the audios had already been updated, well, what’s the difference between this and the spell-breaking audio? He also says he has the removal of thought forms, is it still worth using both?

They are updated, but i didn’t upload all. Takes take for video rendering. :slight_smile:
“Etheric Spells and Curses Clearing” doesn’t have the effect of removing thought forms, they are different.


I actually mean the audio: Removing Negative Entities, Bad spirits, Black boxes, Тhought Forms

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Are these updated versious better from the ones on patreon?

I think they are the same.

Pretty interesting audio.
So intrusive thoughts are mainly due to parasites and
people projections.
Therapists tells to ignore the intrusive thoughts and Doctors
just prescribes pills to balance the brain chemicals.
So no wonder people will usually keep struggling with these thoughts patterns.

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therapists just deal with the front end of the issue, not the back end which is the most important

Yes, exactly.
They don’t understand these energetic patterns.
A former therapist just said me “Just ignore the intrusive
thoughts, don’t pay attention”
And of course that didn’t fix the problem, made it worse.
And regarding the pills, they could hide and relief the problem but won’t often fix it either.

Can thought forms be self created and without realising everyday thinking grows self created thought form stronger?

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Can this be used to remove thought forms that settle in your environment? The environment-related channel audios and mandalas don’t seem to be able to remove them.

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Yes, it removes them instantly. Thoughtforms that are in/from the environment are the weakest and don’t attach much time to a person’s field… so it’s much easier to remove them.


Can we get this in gumroad for the 3x power please? or DM either way