Release all Negative Emotions and Energy + Changing Beliefs (Patreon Exclusive)

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Release all Negative Emotions and Energy + Changing Beliefs


From the point of conception up to the present time, our cells are trained in what to expect in the way of messages coming in through their receptors. Every cell has receptors. They are there to receive nutrition, hormones, and communication.
They act as reception, docking, and distribution points so that cells can function.The cells have also been trained by the emotional messages that have been sent to them.When you insert a new feeling/ subconscious program, these new receptor pathways are created at the same time.

The changes in the cell are recorded in the DNA, and when the cell replicates itself, the new cell will also have the new pathways.Using feeling work, we are training our cells how to live with or without certain emotions. Feeling work gives us the ability to change our mind and to reset the receptors.

Teaching these feelings and new models will have a dramatic effect on the abilities of your well-being. As you create new feelings/programs and start to experience them, you will clear the spaces in your mind that hold on to negative emotions such as anger, drives for revenge, resentment, regret, aggression, jealousy, envy, and bitterness.

Clearing these spaces will allow you to utilize more energy, achieve faster healings, advance the human species, and connect to the divine.This audio is releasing negative energy + emotions from our channel: fear, guilt, shame, loneliness, grief, pain. etc.+ Installing knowledge to your subconscious mind how it can live without them and to feel safe (every negative thought or emotion is attached by the person with both sides: he suffers from them, but hold them for a positive reason/ has benefits)

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Thank you so much for this, didn’t realize i had so many stuck emotions. …

Are the subconscious beliefs inserted into the energy field?



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My teeth are literally tensing up and releasing something that tastes metallic and is numbing my mouth. But the more, the more inner peace arises. I’m thinking that stuck emotions has caused dis-eases in my teeth.

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This may very well be as from a psycho-somatic point of view supressed emotions and unresolved topics and trauma express themselves as disease in certain organs and body parts.

For example teeth could have to do with “anger expression” or being “able to bite hard” etc. You may wanna google for psychosomatic stuff that would express itself through teeth.

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Thanks JAAJ

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I do catch myself clenching teeth from time to time

Also i’ve been having the feeling that my third eye can open anytime soon. Been working on myself eith subliminals and fields for 2 years now. Been having constant pressure and pulses between eyebrows for a few months now. Pretty crazy stuff been happening to me in these 2 years. Alot of releasing in all sorts of ways.