Let go of Fear, Overthinking, Worries

This video transcendence those feelings in you, but also we are changing more than 50 subconsciousness belief systems in your mind., so you can have permanent effect. This program is learning your subconsciousness how to live WITHOUT those feelings and expand your awareness to these patterns that don’t serve to you (they serve only to your ego that s programmed from few elites on the Earth).


Is there any way you could show a list of the beliefs that are being changed so we can decide if it’s for us?


We are not changing them one by one, but remove whole energetical structures with the beliefs that are sabotaging some person’s life. All beliefs that are “catched” on some feeling are extracted with the beliefs on it.

This way it’s on an individual level as little people have the same beliefs like yours for example.


This field really works wonders!

My ego came up with some bullshit hypnologic reasons for all type of irrational fears – then I looped this field – and after 1 hour all of those useless fear-based overthinking patterns were gone :blush:

Really helped to remove the fake emotions and allowed for a clear fact-based point of view.

Highly recommend for whenever you need to get a clear head and avoid negative thinking patterns that one may have picked up during the day at work etc.


@Maitreya ! :relaxed: Please consider making this one a DM with audio included , maybe remastered


It would be awesome if she did that but combined with Release Unconscious Fear


I’d like Maitreya to combine it with a complex field for dissolving ego as ego carries a lot of fear for its own survival etc

Base ego on the values from your true authentic self not ego based from this world etc.

Dissolve your ego so your true authentic self can start to breath and be in control



This could be a dm combined with the other fear release audio.