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Everything is cyclic in nature, therefore there’ll be ups and downs in everything, including your manifestations. For example: if you want to have beautiful youthful skin, there’ll be times when you look great, and times you look not so great. You may have tremoundous luck, and then days when you are not so lucky. You have times when you are earning more, and times when you are earning less. When you have beautiful emotions of happiness, and then after that, there are days of unhappiness. Cycles are always coming and going and that is how it works for every emotion and state.

This field will change the negative aspects of the cycle to positive, so you can enjoy the positivity longer and minimize the negative aspects.


As much as I love this art, and I do, I still really like digital options. Will there be a digital counterpart for this?

Those will be available only on Etsy.

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I have “up and down” days, but that is subjective to my perception of what constitutes an “up or down” day compared to “my” ideal day. Even luck, what does the person consider to be a “lucky day” or occurrence for them? Is it just a good day at their work or is it random money coming their way?

For those that work with money manifestation, are you seriously earning more and more than what did before at a linear rate or are some days perceived slower than others? I think this item is just to help those perceived slower days and that going straight to the opposite of the spectrum (I.e good days and “bad/poor days”) is too extreme of an analogy. Especially for happiness. Many people on this forum desire things, but are not “un-happy” so to speak.

A “slow day” can be subjective because there could be growth in areas that are not showing up on a statistical scale such as customer interest, new connections, raised demand and people just haven’t made the purchase that day…It’s less downplaying our manifestation abilities and more up-playing the segments where growth isn’t visible at a conscious level.

Just like how after lifting and getting a pump, your muscles shrink and tear for a bit, before they get even bigger. By covering the shrink to the eye (Shrouding the “minimal improvement” or “perceived loss” to the consciousness) and focusing on muscles just getting bigger(enhancing perception of “increased improvement”) we rectify the cycle of perceived growth in our desired area of manifestation. (My interpretation)

Similar to how gratitude/domino effect booster works, we notice more in the good/up direction which will lead to more in that direction at a conscious level.

The goal of the mind for ourselves then, beyond this pendant, would be to visualize and live within, the manifestation gains which we cannot perceive at a conscious level while simultaneously blocking out the physical reality that takes time to catch up, since the outer world is always a late reflection of the inner, our manifestation core and moments we live in must always transcend the illusion we dwell in if we are to overcome the matrix.