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This pendant has been designed for the experienced user of energy fields or related methods and spiritual or energy healing modalities, who has used and is currently using many fields or methods and may be uncertain which are beneficial and which are not. The intelligent energy field inbuilt into it can discern which energetic influences are in your highest and best interest and if something is not, it will release it so it does not cause any harm or unnecessary disturbance in your energy system. All unsuitable for you subliminals, morphic fields, energetic programming, reiki, and other energies will be cleared from your system.



I thought of this half-asleep. Some creators energies aren’t the purest according to people, so that’s why this came to me


@Maitreya could we please get this as Mandala?

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Indeed! Basically, do the Optimizer’s results compare similarly? @Maitreya

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The Optimizer is designed to give your HS control over your fields. Purification Shield clears you from unbeneficial stuff.