Desired reality

Do you believe that?

what about you?did you believe in desired reality?

I don’t know, it seems too good to be true, the desired reality I mean is not having your desired life, I mean a new wave that has emerged in recent years, about being able to move to parallel universes where we are who we want, we have life we have and etc., through simple techniques.

it exist.Let me ask you does quantum jumping is similar to desired reality?

It’s not, it’s not about attracting the desired timeline, but going to another universe with a different present and future past, and even the logic and functioning, let’s suppose you want to look like Leonardo Dicaprio, be rich and famous, being born in france, having a rich father and mother, desired brothers and friends, that’s what the desired reality is all about, when you move to your desired reality in theory some of that reality.

i would love to hear @DarkMatter @Nexus @Maitreya opinion about this :slight_smile:

Reality can be changed without affecting other people’s free will.
For example you can jump on timeline where are you successful, but you can’t say i am on timeline with 30 years old brother and he to pop up. :smiley:
You can travel to your parallel realities and get from there knowledge, type of energy you lack, information. Also you can go to future self and get those things.

you can extract whole energy system from your other selves. This is changing whole bundle in your mind with beliefs, your energetical bodies… So yea, you can do all these stuff.

Btw we are preparing this type of mandala, but now still is tested by @anon21115996 :slight_smile:


omg mandala?I cant wait for the mandalaaa…

@maitreyafields with the mandala can we jump to any timeline?that would be awesomee

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this is the idea…
waiting to see if it works on 100% :slight_smile:


@Maitreya woa i am going crazy if those mandala really work.I can be successful and rich,surrounded and loved by my family and friends…that sounds cool hahaha


I really like how this works… Feeling remarkable changes in mind already depending based on my intention

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It can be done…there are many parallel universes, many methods to accessing parallel selves and future selves…


Yah ofc lol I was talking about the mandala. It’s working really good for me also since I’m seeing fast changes in mentality and belife
Let’s see what can I say about it in future :eyes:

yeah i am excited about the mandala too.if we can change timeline it will be awesome.I wonder if we can choose desired life also…

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And what makes you think they are different lol

This will probably be totally awesome. Looking forward to this :smiley: :man_cartwheeling:

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According to Quantum Physics it’s possible.
Looking forward to the mandala.

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I want a mandala too for desired reality.


As long as it’s affordable, I’ll be there


Don’t make it too expensive mai :heart:

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