Question on karma

Hello everyone and Maitreya fields,

I had a heart wall, and instinct told me to try ancestral karma removal music on YouTube.

I instantly felt my chest became lighter

My question is…why would that work out? For example, your backpack has 10 books. One is from your ancestors. Why would someone else have ability and authority to take your book after, as you are supposed to be the one who returns the book to the library, or you are the one who supposed to pay the fine?

If it is not against the law of cause and effect, is it possible to have a field for ancestor karma removal, Maitreya fields? Thank you


What song did you use to remove?

i have pm you on those 2 tracks. Good luck

Karma = Action
How the actions are formed?

By your beliefs in the subconsciousness that send you through to you counciusness, then the body makes all needed chemicals for this through to express it in the outer world.

Everything is stored in the subconsciousness, even the ancestors’ knowledge that is transferred by our DNA in the body.

You can’t clear just like that karma, because this is not some punishment like 90% of people accept it. These “bad situations from your karma” come to your life to show you where you have to work on yourself so you can evolve.

Accept everything like teaching, like you are in some video game and play with life. Even the “bad” you went through in the past, made the person you are today. So why will you throw this book? :slight_smile:


Thank you for the clarification. I was trained to know that karma cannot be taken away by a third person. Otherwise, buddha or bodhisattva should have helped us to take away our karma and there is no more suffering.

Then i know it was a placebo effect that i got when i felt better during the listening of those karma tracks. The idea is very attractive because someone can lift your burden away, but i don’t think it is real.

And yes, Karma can be taken as a valuable lesson, but well, depend what you are experiencing. In 2019, my car got hit 3 times (all other side fault), got broken in twice when i had nothing put outside of my glove department, engine died and needed to be towed away once…and many more. When karma came, they are seldom a fun stuff to enjoy. But yes, having the concept of playing a video game without committing feeling into the scene is what i need to practise.

Thank you for your reply once again

I don’t think so, you should be responsible for your actions, but I don’t think we are forced to carry burdens from past generations, there is nothing to learn from it, their problems are theirs and ours are ours.

I love the video game simulation analogy for life.


Ah, Karma is a nice game that has meanwhile done itself for this planet earth. According to channeled information from the Pleiades and other peoples, Christ energy has come down to this planet more and more since 2016. With which all karma should also be forgiven. Especially since the earth is rising or has already risen depending on the channel. So everyone will probably end up in the 5th dimension after their death and reincarnation. Some will even make it with this body without first having to walk the natural path of death. After all, the golden age has started. Even if we are currently in labor pains.
But that doesn’t mean that you can let the pig out again and do what you want without fear of consequences.


Hhaha, law of cause and effect don’t sleep


Planet of Karma = Saturn

We can’t get rid of it.


Since I ended up here, I might as well share this beautiful video I had seen the other day.

Bhakti is basically

which is unconditional love.


Thank you all for sharing this amazing knowledge!

I wanted to add to this topic that the field creator Spirtuality Zone has an field that allows you to clear bad karma thru your higher self and its only the karma that your higher self thinks you wont need to experience to understand the lesson.

I thought that idea for a field sounds amazing after reading this topic, what are you guys opinion on this?