Question about "Basic Clearings".Please answer

This is due to my not reading the instructions clearly and also due to the language barrier.
A year ago, I used all the audio in the “Basic Clearings” list one night. What difference did that make?
Do I need to endure the painful time?
Or other remedial measures may be required.
Or is there some other reason for how my body feels?

One night is simply not enough. If you go through the whole list each morning and evening f.e i recommend ATLEAST a month. Then start from there to really see how you feel and report back.

Is there an updated stack of basic clearings? Because we have many new fields now…

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didnt even know maitreya had playlists and I only see 4 videos on “basic clearings” because the rest are ‘hidden’ and one of the videos is the witcher netflix soundtrack :rofl:

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Oh wow from what I remember, it had many videos!!

we should definitely have some new stacks for newbies though with all the recent fields :smiley:

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Search Google basic clearings new playlist maitreya fields

I saw a response that said, “Soul Basic Clearings” can only be listened to one at a time.
But there could be other reasons for my pain.
I decided to delete this post, hoping not to mislead you.

After a day