Psychic Expansion (patreon)

hello did all, hope you are doing well. I did a little research on the psychic expansion field of patreon in order to have the best possible results when using it, but I didn’t really find enough information.

it says in the description that beliefs are changed so that one becomes a better psychic using this field,what does it mean to become a better psychic?I mean, do you already have to be psychic at the base, and thus receive an improvement thanks to the change of subconscious beliefs?

In the description it is equal said that the knowledge is included: HOW TO USE CERTAIN SKILLS.Does this mean that you should already have the psychic skills to take advantage of this field (learn to use skills that you already have)or else, this field allows you to fully and completely develop these skills ?!

Sorry for all these questions, and sorry I couldn’t put the link or the full description, I tried to do that, but from my phone I had a little trouble.
If you have used this field and have experiences, share them with us, if you can answer or explain some things on it as well, you can share them here. Of course Of course the @maitraya team can also provide a lot more details and completions.THANK YOU


It works like language audios, it installs in your system knowledge and as our world is MENTAL this means when you have curtain knowledge you can do / manifest curtain things in your life. If you don’t have this knowledge you go to courses to learn it, you read books (long way, or you listen to a field that works with your subconsciousness and download it all in a few days. :slight_smile:

So, no - you don’t have to be psychic to develop this. It is a small boost for beginners and of course after that you have to practice it, be awake for the changes. Whatever you see in your head can become reality, if you can’t see it - it won’t in more sample language.


@Maitreya, thank you for your clarifications. I started using this field today, I hope that I will continue and that I will be consistent in my use, so that I can give objective feedback.what tips to give you for practicing and being awake (if you think of any suggestions) …
thank you for everything


@Takyon How is your progress with this?

I had stopped listening to test other fields, and I hadn’t used it since,but he likes him a lot.

Has anyone used this for a longer time?

This field sounds very powerful and useful.

Boosted paid version:


seems to be the same as the one in patreon

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Hello, is this file in Patreon as powerfull as the same file in the Maitreya’s store?

No, patreon = same strength as YouTube.
Store = usually 3x boosted

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Thank you!!!