Psychic Expansion + Belief Changes

This audio is programmed to fill all your bodies with unconditional love, clear your chakras and fill them with new lots neutral energy. It also has the effect of expanding them in time.

Belief systems are changed in the subconsciousness mind related to become better psychic. We also included the knowledge HOW TO USE some skills - ESP, Clear Vision, Clear Hearing, Telepathy, Empathy, Clear Sensing of energy that surrounds you. It has the effect of putting you in “THE NOW” so your mind to be clear and doesn’t go to the past and future like a crazy monkey.

At last, we included knowledge for the matrix / maya illusions that make you stuck and make you blind to see who you truly are.


Wow, seems underrated field. Definitely gonna help us to live in the Now! :heart_eyes:


I been using it for almost 2 weeks, it certainly has made me more calm, helped my imbalance chakras, when I try to meditate it was hard to be mindful, without my thoughts going everywhere.