Become the Best Version of Yourself (Patreon Exclusive)

This field is your gateway to tapping into the hidden reserves of your subconscious mind, ultimately unlocking your full potential. Crafted with a purpose, it aims to spark the very essence of who you are, urging you to redefine your limitations and transform into the highest version of yourself.

This isn’t just change—it’s evolution. It meticulously deciphers information from your subconscious, weaving it into a new reality that fosters growth in every aspect of your existence. The way you communicate, the way you conduct yourself, the way you perceive your reflection—it all escalates to a higher plane. The field is the catalyst, channeling your energy to unleash the best in you.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. This is also a key to unlocking an aura of irresistible charm and magnetism. It’s specifically programmed to stimulate your heart and second chakra, turning you into a beacon of love and attraction. This is more than just attraction—it’s a gravitational pull that makes your aura irresistible, drawing people towards you with an enchanting allure.

Experience an infusion of pure, unbounded love, profound self-confidence, and an unshakeable sense of self-worth. This is the ignition, a force that fills your very core, illuminating your spirit, and setting you aglow with an inner radiance.

Additionally, an underlying program is at work, quietly moulding your subconscious mind to become a magnet for human connection. It’s a gentle whisper, nudging people towards you, enticing them to seek your company, to enjoy conversing with you, and to relish in the radiant positivity of your attention.

Are you ready to make the leap and become the best version of yourself? This field is here to guide your journey, helping you ascend to greater heights of self-fulfilment. Dive into this extraordinary transformation, and let your spirit soar!

Boosted Digital Mandala: Become the Best Version of Yourself

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Is this same file? the one I have is of 5:52 minutes. any difference between this and the one I have ?

Sorry, I got confused with Preview time showing and actual file time. So, it must be same file.

Thank you , for the updated description. Earlier today, I was thinking about this field and wanted to ask more about this field. Like got drawn to this specific field.

I just checked, yes it should be 5:52

This is the best indicator in choosing fields. You just feel drawn to them. And stop using them when you no longer needed.

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