Possession / mind hack reversal or removal

This could be serious issue. I’ve been feeling worse like strange visions in my mind when I try to sleep and feeling like something else is behind my eyes seeing for me. This is recent and partying a bit more lately so I think that’s related. Any helpful thoughts, folks? Thanks :pray:

Have u tried this?

Did you listen to Wizzard channel?

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Nope. What can you tell me?

He uses Etheric Implants. When you have those than usually you have presure behind and around eye, some kinde energy sensation that alters your perception of reality aginst your will.
You can try Alien Implant Removal audio from Maitryas channel. Listen for couple of times and if you feel energy being extracted from your eyes than that’s it.

Have you already followed the suggestions you’ve been given in the several threads you’ve already started?

What kind a drugs did you take and did your problem start after them? Are you currently on any medication. Do you think that you are possessed? Any intrisic thoughts, no control over yourself, have feeling that something is draining you, making you do things against your will, people despite you for no logical reason, always wrong place wrong time, are you forced to hate world and experience emotions that are not yours? Is there anywhere on your body strange sensation, an “itch” that you can’t scratch, do you think when people look at you don’t actually see you but something instead, something else? When you look at photo of yourself, do you like what you see, or you can’t stand the image of yourself for no logical reason? Are you able to maintaine old friendships and create new once, or did your friends dissapear? Are you experiencing strong emotion that’s something is terribly wrong with you?

If answer to all these questiona is “yes”, then you are possessed. Under direct influence of entity that has penetrated your shield and now uses you as vessel.

This kind of situation is the worst thing that can happen to any human individual.


It started 6 years ago when I took Molly next to an emotionally corrupt “friend” and something inside her merged w me. I do have unusual feelings and thoughts(especially since I started drinking a lot lately. I was always a deep thinker and idealistic fella but I feel strange feelings that feel like they belong to someone dark and dirty beyond my understanding. Voices between the ears trying to make me think less of myself or pessimistic. Lack of confidence and right now I’m getting sick feelings in my gut whilst typing this. Sometimes fields have no effect on me. I have serious joint issues and as of late the problems got astronomically worse. This morning I couldn’t sleep because when I would close my eyes flashes of inappropriate visuals like a dream would dominate my mind and my detoxing today from last night’s drunken adventure totally made it go from 4 to an eleven. I know deep down in my jellies that was meant for great things but I do rotten luck that sabotage that. And yes I’ve lost all my friends. Many I’ve for over 15 years. I’m loyal to a fault but the good ones don’t care because I’ve become toxic. Good days and bad but recent days and hours it’s grown out of control. I’m prescribed medicine but I don’t have trust in something unnatural and hate relying on something I just want it nipped out. :pray:😮‍💨

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Understand that your free will is sovereign when it comes to what happens spiritually with your own body. So, decide you want the influence gone first. Then, get spiritual help to enforce your decision.

With that in mind, these videos may serve you in your efforts to get that help:


You are possessed. It’s a pure miracle you survived this long. My experience with possession is 90% similar to yours but i got rid of mine after year and half. I’ll share my experience with you in couple of hours and how it went down.

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Thanks friend. :pray: Glad there’s reason
Btw it hasn’t been an easy road so appreciate your understanding because I’m pretty lost. Lost jobs, cars/ license and locked up a few times since all this so surviving has been just about all been capable of…😮‍💨

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I was waiting for your experience, was curious. Not sure - you shared by PM probably? If so that’s ok, I’ll just stop waiting ;).