Please suggest a healing field

I am looking for a healing field for someone in the family. They have a slew of issues-recovery from carotid artery disease, persistent COPD, type 2 diabetes, hearing and sight issues, general tiredness, emotional addictions, spondilytis, knee pain, IBS, dementia. enlarged prostate. they are above 70 and not used to energy work.
The field optimiser would work as well.
Now, I can’t track their overload issues if it occurs and they aren’t the most aware of these impacts. Should I opt for the complete book of Health or the healing container?
Or- would a scan and custom field be better?

We stopped customs at the moment.
First of all, you need to get their permission.
I introduced my grandparents to fields. They are both 80+, so I asked them first if they wanted to try something new that I am using, too. They didn’t understand the idea behind the fields, but I told them this is an energetic support to their bodies.
They had to activate their own Managers, and I added the Book of Health, the Optimizer, and the Energy Balancer. There was no overloading, but they had a healing crisis. I told them that they might expect to feel worse at the beginning.
I added the Book of Alchemical Quintessence a few weeks later. Again, they had an emotional response. I monitored them and asked them how they felt.

I would say giving their Higher Self control over the books is the best way to respect their free will.

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Thank you. I have their permission. Could I add all the files to their online folder and make them add and activate the Mandala Manager by themselves, so that the link is only formed with them? Would it be an issue if I remain an editor on the folder and not an owner?

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Yes, all they need is to activate the Manager to create the link, and you can look after the folder.
I am a “folder keeper” for a few family members, and it works absolutely fine.


I apologize for the extra question- in case on observation I feel that additional fields could benefit them, do I need to ask for explicit permission from them for each file along with the explanation of positive and negatives for each?

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I asked my family members what they wanted. Then, they permitted me to add fields related to their goal. So, I’ve never added anything beyond that.

When I was my sister’s folder keeper, I always asked her about every field with short explanations because she had more than just one goal, and she was able to understand what fields are. Even when she wanted to leave it with the Optimizer and let her HS choose, I wanted her to understand her own choices.

You need to ask them how they would like you to help them, and explain all options, so they can decide, what kind of control they want to give you.


Thank you for answering patiently in such a detailed way. :pray: