Plasma + Maitreya?

Forgive me if this has already been spoken about, I checked the search and didn’t see anything about it so here we are. My question is whether or not playing sapien’s plasma light before maitreya fields would have the same effect as playing sapien’s plasma light before his own fields. Thank you

If you dont get exhausted from it, it can be beneficial but that can count for many things actually. Everything that declutters and brings order in your system can have a boosted effect. Your system starts to integrate things more efficient.

Try it with the quantum booster mandala.


Oh and i forgot that certain field if not all, work better when the room also is in “order” (physical and energetic)

Especially for plasma field.

Try it with the negative ion creater (from sapiens) mandala and Sri Yantra from maitreya.


Thank you for the advice

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