Physical symptoms from listening

I have this weird tightness in my throat whenever I listen to fields or subliminals (the Fields Booster is probably the one where I feel it the most strongly) for more than about 20 minutes, and it lasts all day. It literally feels as though my windpipe is being squeezed (maybe a little bit like when you’re about to cry, but it’s not really a lump). Does anybody else have physical symptoms like this, and how do you address them?

P.S. What might a tight throat signify?

Throat tightness could be a chakra blockage there, based on what others have told me. It sounds like you might be in the process of emotional release.


Are there any fields you’d recommend to help it along?

I’m probably not the best person to ask here, as I still have a lot of clearing-related work to do, myself. But why not give this one a whirl: