Heart pain when listening to fields

I dont know why but i get heart pressure or tingling in my left arm when listening to fields can anyone help explain why

Hi Abid

Tell me …

What audio field are you listening to?

Do you have other reactions from your body that are unusual?

Do you have health problems?

The fact that you have heart pain and tingling sensations only on your left arm may signal another significant which we should look into

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I don’t think the field is the issue as i can get from warrior skull,hunter eyes,gg beauty and i also get it from other channels im 16 and dont have other health problems apart from asthma.

Nothing to worry about then :slightly_smiling_face:.

Huh how is it nothing tk worry about the fields are giving me heart pain

is it a strong pain or a kind of pressure in your chest?

If the pain persists take a break for a few days with the audio fields to find out if this is the cause.

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Listen to the Heart Restoration by Sapien Medicine for now


I wrote a piece of answer in a thread where you asked the question.Along the same lines as all of the above, I can suggest you listen to the eternal cleansing (maitreya) and the restoration of the aura (maitreya). if the problem is energetic, emotional, it should get better with some listening over two or three days.

You can also take breaks as already advice above, and or ask a pharmacist for advice.Keep us posted on your progress :+1:.


I had that bad last night after a hard session of god beauty… how do you fare now?