Physical Changes Suggestions

Hey, guys!

We have already a topic for spiritual development ideas,
so I decided to make also one for physical changes.

You can post here your ideas and maybe some investigations on how this can be made
/ what has to be changed in the physical body.


Fat Reduction & Body Contouring
It targets specific areas of stubborn fat cells under the surface of your skin. Body contouring of the entire body, with prime focus on areas such as the buttocks, tummy, thighs, arms, and breasts.

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Running gene

Being a fast runner isn’t all about training. Some people are born with the gift of speed, thanks to a mutation of the gene ACTN3. It controls the fast-twitch muscles fibers that allow us to run; those who have more of them are better at all sports, but especially sprinting.

bad fat immunity

The Inuit population doesn’t need to worry about the adverse effects of eating bad fats. Although their diet consists of fatty animals, their genes have adapted accordingly. Their mutation limits their bodies’ production of fats, both good and bad—most notably LDL cholesterol that can cause heart disease.

unbreakable bone

If you’re lucky enough to have a mutation of the LRP5 gene, you’ve probably never had a broken bone. LRP5 is responsible for bone density, and those who have the mutated version have extra-strong skeletons. An extended family in Connecticut who has it has no history of fractures, and their special mutation is helping us know more about the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis.

short sleeper gene

Some people just don’t need that much sleep. Called the “short sleeper” mutation, a variation of the hDEC2 allows people to feel energized with just four hours of sleep. About 1% of the population can sleep less than the recommended seven or eight hours without the impairment that comes from sleep deprivation

Immunity to pain

Wouldn’t it be great to have an immunity to pain? Those who have a variation of the SCN11A gene might as well be. The gene regulates the amount of sodium in our cells, and our nerves rely on sodium to send out pain signals. But the ability not to feel pain has its downsides. People with this mutation are prone to accidents that could result in things like broken bones.

super taster gene

Approximately one-fourth of the population is known as a “super taster”, whose taste buds are more sensitive than the rest of us. The TAS2R38 is the bitter-taste receptor gene, and those with the mutation are more likely to ask for cream and sugar with their coffee.

super strength

Who wouldn’t want to be stronger? Well, those with a mutation in the MSTN gene don’t. Their muscles are already amped up, due to a lack of myostatin—a protein which tells the muscles when to stop growing. Animals who lack the protein often grow large, muscular bodies that contain very little fat. In humans, this mutation allows one to reach a muscle mass double that of the average person and stay muscular, without having to do much to keep it up

  • fat to stem cells

Full immunity and removal of bio-weapons and other HORSESHIT this whore governments release

mandala version


Field for a correct walking pattern (correct foot placement / hands movement) for both woman and man! It’s very important and will benefit everyone!

  • Hair regrowth by way of disabling genetic sensitivity to testosterone, blocking DHT and 5-alpha reductase strictly in the scalp, vastly improving blood circulation and elasticity of the skin. Also includes anti-fungal properties for the scalp and simulated microneedling, sans pain.
  • The classic fat reduction (visceral, excess) and conversion of said fat into stem cells.

  • Automated mewing and proper jaw alignment.

  • Converting some degree of body hair to head hair. Hey, one can dream, right?

  • Desired body/face? A mandala/audio wherein you look at a picture or visualize a desired outcome; it addresses specific needs that might not already be covered by existing audios/mandalas. A ‘one stop shop’ for physical changes.

  • Mole reduction and remover. What it says on the tin. Moles are considered benign tumours, but as you know, not all moles are harmless. This would take the worry out of things, especially if you’re prone to generating moles (like me.)

  • Teeth regen, redone. Simulated oil pulling, essence of clove, ‘knitbone’, wild oil of oregano, coconut oil, betonite clay, hydroxyapatite, vitamin C, vitamin D, and ubiquinol for tooth & gum regeneration. Involves clearing and balancing of throat chakra, which is often responsible for teeth problems. Mouth PH is always keep neutral, even slightly alkaline, and body is blocked from leeching calcium and such from yer teeth. Body is encouraged to use calcium and phosphorous intelligently from food sources or supplements for teeth healing.

  • Healing leaky gut for proper absorption of vitamins and minerals.

  • Strong pain relief.

  • Whole body alkalizer. An acidic body creates an environment for disease.
  • Anti-inflammatory field (and autoimmunity reversal, if applicable.) This would, ideally, drastically reduce or eliminate allergic reactions, calm down diseases and their flare-ups, help you recover faster after a workout or from injury, etc etc

It would be great to add the gamification aspect to this topic—something like the game of creative ideas. For example, if you implement an idea, you will present a mandala to the ideologist for free.
By the way, was there a winner of 3rd game? I didn’t find the results.

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