Persistence Fire

This audio will install in your subconsciousness mind persistence beliefs on all levels, the feeling and energy of this emotion, this power.
It will boost your system to take action toward your goals no matter what it takes, without fear and laziness. It will eliminate procrastination and give you a nice good mood to do your job effortlessly, like it’s no big deal.

Super extra push to keep taking action in spite of worry, stress, and fear. These emotions will be transformed into confident energy like you can do anything.
Audio also will increase your self discipline and willpower so you can stick to your decisions even when you don’t feel like it.

Cherry on Top: Sensation of reward every time you take action so you no longer want to avoid it because now you enjoy it. This will help you to make the field permanent.


Finally the gem has arrived

Music is so lit🔥

Now we shall be limitless



hey. could you possibly do audio for being good at everything? Like hyper competence, be able to do anything

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Yeah that’s exactly the field I need. Since I’m usually quite lazy and usually need a kick in the butt to get going. :laughing:

All previous attempts with subliminals and procrastination fields have so far been unsuccessful with me. They couldn’t really motivate me.
I immediately decided on the boosted version. The music is amazing, real power for this, to get fire under your butt. :blush: :blush:


This could be called the “Dao Heart” field.


Boosted version:…

:slight_smile: I plan on getting Persistent Fire DM, this week,right along with ETSY Virtue Pendants " Determination" - “Initiative” -“Intellect” -“Discipline”, “Motivation” & “Imagination” the Truth is right now I have to decide on 3 out of the Above 6 Virtue pendant 's,and its REALLY tough to do so, Unless a windfall of Money of additional money,shows up,between now and then.
and also DIVINE INNVOCATION,i will be getting that one, in Pendant form. I AM determined to change MY Life circumstances for the better and these are very much a part of such help. I dont mind some feedback on which one’s to get… Thid onr is ONLY 10 bucks, thank you MF & Staff!!
Blessings and Light.:slight_smile:

is the Patreon version more effective than the YT one?

No, Patreon and YouTube are the same. The digital mandalas are boosted in the stores.