Limitless Good Karma Booster / Energetically Programmed Audio

Every person who has embarked on self-improvement at some point comes across a subconscious limit that hinders further growth in a specific area. Or, when they make a lot of progress in one area, another seems to falter. For example, when a person works to improve their finances, they may start to encounter health issues that obstruct their progress.

Imagine you have 100 good karma points. For example, the distribution may be:

50 - health
30 - personal relationships
20 - career

If you start to work on the financial area and it increases to 30, for most people, the positive energy for the other areas decreases. For example, health may drop to 40.

Is this a law of the Universe? Is this the correct way? Absolutely not. This phenomenon occurs for many people due to misconceptions, vows, subconscious beliefs, and control matrix programs over individuals.

This field is designed to break barriers that:

  • Limit you in a specific area to a certain level

-Require the draining of another area and bringing about problems there when another area improves

The field amplifies all positive energies in every sphere of your life and activates your good karma, without the need to sabotage any other aspect.

The field eliminates all patterns and energies in individuals who tend to surrender their personal power to gurus, coaches, entities, false gods, and authorities. In doing so, it returns to them all of their personal energy that they had previously surrendered.

It installs in the individual an accurate discernment, calibrates their energy compass, and gives them confidence in their own strengths by removing the need for someone else to care for and be responsible for them.

In addition to this, the field is programmed to clear subconscious patterns that sabotage a person’s development in all spheres. It removes energies that sabotage a person - old vows, soul, or Higher Self missions that you’ve already completed but that information hasn’t yet actualized on higher levels since the lesson has not been declared as completed.

It cleanses thought forms from other people sent with negative energy that constantly trips you up and blocks your energy flow.

This field is ideal for anyone seeking unlimited progress in all areas of life.

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DM: Limitless Good Karma Booster

This is the free audio field version.

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Sooo today I FINALLY got more of MY Beloved DM’s and Pendants from ETSY Maitreya Fields, stuff.
I was thankful I could finally purchase:
In Your Favor
Limitless Good Karma Booster
Remove Archon Control
Persistent FIRE
Obstacles Remover
Comprehensive Resistence Dissolver

I also was thankful and fortunate to be able to purchase from Maitreya Fields on ETSY: DIVINE INVOCATION Pendant
Initative Virtue Pendant
Imagination Virtue Pendant ( take two weeks at least to get the pendants on ETSY)
I also have some frequencies that I will be working with soon as well around a variety of thing, the combination of these DMs, the Pendants and the DM’s & Pendants I already have: Game changers, Life changers for Me, changing MY DESTINY ,FOR THE BETTER.
The journey deepens
Thank YOU Maitreya and Staff. K-Man !!

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