Permanent results integrator miss use?

I have been using the Permanent results integrator for a few days and haven’t really had noticeable results just yet. I wonder if you could help me along with a few factors I’m unsure of and have been improvising.

  1. I’ve been using a couple fields back to back after said integrator and wonder how many I can squeeze in after each listen.

  2. I am unsure as to how many fields I can integrate daily. I’ve been averaging about 5 (not including boosters or subs I listen to separately at night or my autoworkout via Sapien whilst I of course work out. It seems I may be exhausting my input ability so any tips on how to expand this ability apart from three treasures and raise vibration fields.

  3. Do these energy boosting fields when used after the integrator just build like a dynamo over time thus continually enhancing my input ability?

  4. Does using said integrator properly will all the fields in perpetual use within my being tax my aura or personal energy or will they just harmlessly integrate?

  5. Do all fields perpetually build up within oneself while used after said integrator like some kind of superhuman dynamo? For instance aesthetic field has hgh and testosterone so will those continue to increase or just stay at their original listen level but I guess that too would still increase and if not how can I get them to? To explain I used to be REALLY fat and over the course of my late teens into my 20s and early thirties got extremely thin and fit but had lost a lot of long term progress because of serious overtraining. Something I will admit I should have prevented but knew so little about(like how the joints take over four times as long to adapt as the muscle) and thus at this present moment I am left jobless(because I can’t stand or walk for too long because of my Achilles tendinitis and I can’t consistently lift because of my very bad shoulders and wrists) and can only really work out my core and not very well because of all the shoulder mobility needed for just about anything. With the world getting very unpleasant and uncertain I NEED to be fit and mobile!I understand that I’ve built up a lot of scar tissue from constantly aggravating my chronic condition which makes this feel like too little much too late but I’m trying to cover as much ground as I can. So all I do all day is listen to fields with seldom any breaks and little to no progress and all night I listen to subs with little to no progress. I even listen to a field to reduce the need for sleep so I can listen even longer. PLEASE if you can help me out with these points I’ve addressed so I can get back in game, and be self sufficient again(or well really the first time) I would greatly appreciate it. After all mobility and defense of oneself and those in need are my biggest deficits and might soon become one’s most valued traits. Thanks and God bless🙏


What noticeable results do you expect? And especially in such a short time? Permanent results integrator will not accelerate your results, it is not a booster, it will only make your results permanent.

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Welcome Unicornssuck,

now the field is only intended to ensure that the results that you have achieved do not disappear again after you have stopped listening to the audio. Or to delete the results if you don’t like the changes.
Well if I gave you a tip for your problems. I would only focus on a handful of audios to get your health back first. Your body needs time to regenerate. Hearing that many, especially when there are many energetic audios, takes strength and exhausts the energetic body and not everyone can hear an infinite number of audios without consequences.
I would focus on audios that restore your body to its original state. So rather audios that have something to do with healing. And that in advance over a period of six months. And then maybe ten at most
I have the impression that training and fitness has become a kind of addiction for you because you were fat once. I would shut that down for the healing process and only do isometric exercises if necessary. Lifting weights is not helpful if your joints are supposed to heal.


I expected that say if my hgh levels are naturally at say a 4 then the hgh field would bring them up to a 6 right? Now with the permanent integrator I would expect the hgh level of 6 to stay that way indefinitely in stead of lingering for a lil while and then going back down with out it. Make sense? To reiterate… I expect that it leave my newly advanced levels of say hgh or what have you at a peak so I wouldn’t have to play it again the next day. “Just set it and forget it!”

Yes, now I understand what you mean, but unfortunately most hormone fields are programmed to have temporary effects, from one day to even a week, and I don’t think it is possible to get around this using the permanent results integrator, the integrator of permanent results, it is made to be used in the case of those who use audios that give permanent results, but lose the results, which should not happen, in audios such as changing eye color for example, golden proportion, curing diseases, or even mental changes that should be permanent, if you don’t have this problem you don’t have to use the field.

I appreciate the advice on limiting my field listening regimen. I expected I’d be able to do that whilst tacking on new sets of fields every day or so but that doesn’t seem to be the case(at least with my experience so far)
Maybe I need to space them out over the course of my day as apose to back to back?I will admit at one point I wanted fitness results so bad and so quick that I just followed the “work out till the point of failure” method aaallll the time and couldn’t piece it all together until just recently. I watched a vid by The Bioneer a month ago and heard him stress how our muscles may take roughly 8 days to achieve growth but our connective tissue takes about 2 months! Alas after years of wanting look good naked physique plus some functional strength I now find all well performing bodies will look fine as a biproduct and truly all I’ve wanted for some time now has been the ability to just have practical, hyper functional fitness. Now I haven’t lifted weights in a long time because practical fitness seems more about bodyweight and mobility but I have such disrepair as far as my joints are concerned it’s not even an option just to focus on light conditioning. Obviously sitting around won’t help one heal either right? One needs lots to f blood flow and a little break down of the muscle and scar tissue to get back their ability to move. So that combined with selective, low impact core work has been my main focus as of late.

i think this integrator can be very dengerus

i played the integrator few days ago and was keep to play only fields that will not can damage me (like hormone boosters, auto training , vitamins ,or anything that post to be temparory effect)

i took a 1 day break after the integrator then i played many fields like everday
how long i should wait before i play these fields that i dont want to be stuck?

after the integrator that day (3days ago) i played
root chakra healing to get pernament
and now i have feeling of infection in my intestines that just show from nowhere…
i think this is the reason for that
it can be!?

if i want just to unstuck these fields, it means also to delete my whole progress from them?

i think maiterya should give much more details about this field and also reccomand wich kind of fields can be safe for being stuck.

update : i gave it a command to delete all the stuck energys and and also to delete the integrator itself

i feel negative and positive effect right now
My stomach rumbles like crazy lol

hope i didnt lost a part of my enregy work :frowning:


Use the grounding field to release the energies that you don’t need and to calm your energetical system. Don’t use integrator with fields that are not made as mandalas. There is a reason for that.


Hey is it possible i can make sapien medicine vitamin c permanent since
It’s in our dna?

But for example audio for permanent results can be used for great presence audio? and attraction magnetic sexual bandel? what about fat burning audios?