Hey I am new and see them working

Hey I am new to this morphic fields stuff and discovered them through sapiens medicine and started listening 30-40 per day and it was taking a whole lot of time then I discovered maitreya fields and they helped me. I have dark circles around my eyes and literally I have tried everything to let them out but they are not going and I dont see the field in maitreya fields too if there is the field can you send the link and also I wanted to ask how many times should I listen to get results and when will the results starts being permanent so that I can stop listening to them as they are very time consuming but helps

  1. Activation: Youth and Vitality Chromosomes - Anti - Aging

  2. Greek God Ultimate Beauty

  3. Youthful skin, you have choice with bronze tan or without

  4. The face sculptor
    where you can visualize yourself without dark circles, or however you desire

2-3 times per day
you can choose any one or few as per your need, the more features it have, the more time it will take.

if you be consistency for 3 months least with one field, it have chance of becoming permanent

carrying Mandala versions, will help you against time consuming.


I just love this forum. Her fields are amazing :heart_eyes:


I found this very helpful. For me, it works like a glue. I noticed that immediately, but I’m super sensitive to energy.


Does this work for dms or just the subliminals of Maitreya?

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Maitreya has never made subliminals, it all energetically programmed fields, that are either put on audio files like on YouTube or in digital images in the stores and the pendants and other physical items on Etsy.

As for your question about the Permanent Result Integrator, it works for all energetically programmed fields regardless of the carrier of the field-audio, image or physical.

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Oh, okay thanks for clarifying. I thought they were called subliminals so I’ll call them audios from now on. Sorry about that.

And thanks, good to know

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Is this integrator already a dm or do we have to let maitreya know that we ordered it so we can get the dm version of it?

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It is already in DM.


Okay, thank you for explaining and letting me know about this.

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me too

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