Why doesn’t the Permanent fields integrator work?

So it’s been about two weeks and I just don’t seem to have acquired any lasting results. Now I understand there isn’t a lot of advice or instruction as how one can best use the integrator so I’ve been experimenting a bit. I use it sometimes just when I wake up, during or after a workout, even when I feel way past my bed time because one’s energy does tend to fluctuate right? I put my phone speakers three feet away or right on my lap. I use it at whatever volume I can feel the immediate sensation of said field. I use it sometimes twice in a row immediately before I play the field I wish to permanently integrate. I even sometimes use a booster before said integrator and yet no results lasting more than a typical session.
ANY thoughts?? Please🙏

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Which fields did you try to integrate in the first place? Knowing this is important as you can tell why it is not working.

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We already talked a little about this in another post similar to yours, but I will say again, it is not possible to integrate any field you want with the field integrator, if the audio you are using is programmed to have temporary effects like hormone audios. , the integrator will not work, it is not because it is useless, it is simply because the audios were not programmed in this way, if you are trying to make permanent an audio that is really meant to be permanent and it is not working, it may be a matter of little trying time, 2 weeks is a short time, usually the audios take 3 months to become permanent, and maybe it’s the same with the integrator, you need to try to continue a little longer to see what will happen. The goal of the results integrator is to make permanent results in audios that should be, but for some reason they are not for you, I don’t think he does anything more or less than that, it is still necessary to listen to a certain amount of time for this to happen, this it’s my opinion.


the integrator makes permanent the results you get (that you had already achieved) after using the permanent results integrator So if you don’t get results with the audios you use, then the integrator won’t be able to make anything permanent, it is already necessary that you are able to obtain results (even minimal) with your audios independently of the integrator, and the integrator will only serve you not to lose (and therefore helps maintain) the results you have gained by working on you.

In addition, it is possible that you have results, but which are not necessarily visible.This could be the case with an audio that removes or installs beliefs but does not give physical transformation.


Permanent integrator does make it permanent, but it doesnt mean your subconscious accepted it.

Maitreyas ones work WITH the subconscious, so it still requires acceptance. Similary other creators might have stuff that co-operate with the subconscious rather than give orders like Sapiens or Spirituality Zone.

Subliminal affirmations arent for debate cuz fok affirmations.

Her androgen receptor one I made permanent, but my subc resisted it.

I made spirituality zones androgen one permanent, and it worked.

His energy is similar to Sapiens where it doesnt need subconscious permission, it simply forces its way in.

For example the Pietersite one from Dream seeds should theoretically make me resist the hardest, because of childhood issues with entities.

But nope, used permanent results and Pietersite and it kept on working.

On that note, @Maitreya ,

I think you should integrate the part of Quantum booster in every field you release, to bypass any subconscious resistance and just command the changes in.


It makes sense what you say.
The field is integrated but it’s filtered by the subconcious.
The quantum booster integrator would be great in each audio or at least in the permanent integrator.

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I think there may be some levity to what you suggest. I listen to mostly body help vids. Hgh, superhuman testosterone, Sapiens fat to joint stem cells, Sapiens collagen booster… all with fleeting results. As if I never even used the integrator. I’m not sure if I should listen before to prep my energy or body but as of late i started using the integrator immediately after I listen to a vid so maybe like you say I may have to already have said results or as I interpret it as to be in that energetically manipulated state in order to have something to make permanent and integrator. Sometimes I don’t feel results from ANY fields and sometimes other are more powerful feeling than others… Idk

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My needs are primarily physical. Very bad joints from years and years of overtraining and too much stretching. I wanted to be hyper functional and what o have now is perpetual injury and immobility. Hence I explored all I could find far as a field that repairs and hopefully builds. Sapien Meds fat to stem cell/joints field, their collagen booster, Maitreya’s joints and skeletal system field, hgh, superhuman testosterone, aesthetic bundle and metabolism booster both used before or after(in case i don’t understand how best to use the integrator) and I just haven’t seen ANY noticeable difference between using the integrator and not. I’m not sure what the reason behind this lag or maybe my body/mind need to sync and that hasn’t been happening but if @Maitreya could shed some light as to how I’m supposed to get results or anything I might not be doing… I can’t spend all my time trying to become mobile and then hopefully fit(fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:) whilst still needing to utilize other crucial audios like the IQ and EQ, brain hemisphere, maybe some spiritual improvement and arcitypal audios. Also, not for nothing but sometimes my energy doesn’t sync up with the fields regardless of which one or if it’s just a single audio in the span of a day. Some I seldom use feel more potent than ones I need to use everyday :man_shrugging:.

Look man, for what you described your problem is not getting results, and it has nothing to do with the permanent field, and it cannot give you results, it was made to maintain permanent results, of course you will not see any difference, no was designed for your problem.

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Why the fk would you make hgh or test boost permanent?

Thats probably your higher self helping you not die.

Permanent results FIRST, then you listen to belief/energetic changes.

No hormones or collagen or whatever.

This is common sense…


If my hormones are elevated to a superhuman level then my body can obviously make adjustments and do the extreme repairs needed to get back on that ol horse. Common sense right? Otherwise it’s like I’m just skating up a hil. Fighting gravity and obvious environmental challenges not to mention the obvious deficits. :man_shrugging:

The collagen surplus would only make simultaneous repairs and aids. Like a bionic support wrap that also has nanotech to drastically excelerate healing efficiency. You know how much collagen protein powder I consume right after a workout to lil or no avail :disappointed:

Absolutely not.

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Permanent results as far as eye color alteration something? I don’t hear anyone including the designer giving a detailed reason as to the difference between one field and another. ALL results are for the moment and then fade. I used mental/spiritual and of course the physical on just about any level and they all just fade after a given amount of time. So I don’t see why @Maitreya cant just explain why or how best to use it ooorr design one that does make physical boosts like “fat to stem cells” or joint repair permanent so we can achieve the necessary (albeit superhuman) gains required for rehab and post rehab physical development.

Man, there are many reasons, it would be dangerous for your system if the results were permanent in hormone audios, as samurai said, if you increase it increase and increase it more than it should and it stays permanent, how would you do it later to decrease it? And the audios related to healing are similar, your body generally uses a lot more energy and nutrients to heal with them, so there is no point in having permanent results, after using it for the necessary purpose there is no need to continue, because you want so much to have permanent results in all the audios you hear?


Try to use this:

Also, keep in mind that physical changes are the slowest.
Even if you use the integrator, it will install physical changes like energy/information more fast, but you won’t get results in 1-2 days. Imagine if you are changing your eyes color - it needs time the body to reduce melanin in them, etc.


You need to obtain results first to make them permanent, right?

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Yeah, it integrates the information and energy instantly, but for all changes need time to see results and that is a process. Especially for the physical body.


I tell you this field is awesome.
Just be patient, and choose the right fields for you.
This makes results permanent but first the field has to produce the effects.