Permanent fields integrator question

Hi, new to the forum. Wasn’t sure where to place this question.
I just started the mandalas not even two months ago. One of the first I used was the fields primer and I did feel its effects. I used it for a few weeks until I no longer felt called to.
About a month later I noticed the results are fading. I’ve been having thought patterns I haven’t dealt with since using the primer.
So I want to use it again with the permanent results integrator. Does the integrator have to be done at the same time as the fields you want to make permanent? Or does it lock in everything you’ve done so far even if you’re no longer using those fields? I need to start the primer now but it may be a bit before I can afford the integrator.

Welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

If results are fading, the root could be your subconscious mind.
The Permanent Field Integrator is a mandala now just as a Primer. Use it in the same way.

Personally, I always keep Primer, as it has many benefits for energy work in general. It also “clears your connection with the Divine; it will constantly, automatically clear malicious energies and entities from you. It will release any doubts or wrong beliefs that you won’t be able to change, or can’t get help or obtain results and other negative attitudes that prevent you from succeeding”.

Use fields that you want to keep permanent when you get Integrator. It might take time for your body and mind to transform. Not sure if this could work backwards if you no longer use fields.
Sometimes, we have deeply rooted reasons why the field is not working, and they need to be removed and replaced. That’s why it might take some time to get the desired result.

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