Part 1 activation VS dna repair

Hi friends!

I just started using DNA REPAIR but then I found PART1 ACTIVATION youth and vitality and the description is similar but not identical.

What’s the difference? And can I use them together?

Thanks always :pray: :blush:

They are completely different, one targeting chromosomes and the other targeting complete DNA.


Thanks! Can I use them both the same day or would you suggest to space them? I am worried because they both list some side effect

Better use chromosomes first and after that whole DNA repair.
You can have healing crisis after both, depends how clean is your system.
There are people who don’t have also.


will the DNA repair undo the results from your blue eye color track? @Maitreya

DNA Repair won’t remove things that are not affecting you bad in some way.


Good to know. I started with dna a couple of weeks ago I did it twice then I had panic attacks but I am used it. It’s the side effect I get from powerful tracks. Then I ll try it again a week later and I was feeling better (Just a headache) and today. I guess tomorrow I can start with the two weeks rejuvenation videos.

Thanks so much :pray:


Is everything alright now?
Maybe you released some painful stuff from your memory.
How was your dreams in that time?

I usually have nightmares but since I started listening to your channel I have had good dreams again. Thanks for checking in, very sweet of you. I am good now but of course the energetic work Can be painful and I am no stranger to these side effects


I also had panic attacks while using the DNA repair. I guess that means it was working haha. It was too much at the time for me so I stopped but I may try again soon.


I went through brutal and unexpected shadow integration during my DNA repair. But I did 36 Strands, Part 1 and Dna Repair simultaneously. :sweat_smile: :rofl: please don’t do it. Physical pain was extreme. I thought my bones were twisting in all directions. I stopped after two weeks; then, I gave myself some time and did it again. I guess I had plenty of DNA distortions to clear.