Online Tarot

What do you think about online tarot? Is it really reliable? Could it be used to find out whether or not it is worth using an audio?


Tarot can tell you whether or not using an audio is useful?

And is this a random online Tarot site where you just click and go?

You ask the question in your mind or out loud and then choose a letter, it will say yes or no to any question you ask, there are several such sites out there.

So is that Tarot or just a divination tool? A bit confusing to me . From the way it sounds it should be valid. What is happening is you are simply asking your higher self for the answer. I use google random number generator for a timer when I do my radionic imprinting and just say out loud to my higher self to tell me the right amount of time to run my operations.

Do you have a link I can check out?


I used this Tarot Sim ou Não: uma ajuda para sanar dúvidas e agir!

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In my world It all works. If you believe it to be then it is. Looks like a good platform and made with ease of use from good intent. Ill give it a whirl and lean into it a bit more.


I don’t know about online ones, but the ones in person really do work. I met one who was particularly good

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